Leone Carmen – Slight Delay

Posted: January 12, 2007 in creativity

Loene Carmen was raised up in a rock’n’roll household, with the likes of Bon Scott as a frequent household visitor…she formed first band Honky Tonk Angels (1991) with the help of her father, well known rock pianist Peter Head, after writing Loretta Lynn style country songs with a baby on her knee …this band was followed by White Trash Mamas (1993), Automatic Cherry (who independently released critically acclaimed album SLOW BURNER in 1997) and the Charismatics…In 2002 she independently released her first solo album, the somewhat legendary BORN FUNKY BORN FREE, a home recorded album of ‘broken bedroom beats’ and has now followed it up with the confessional rock’n’roll beauty of SLIGHT DELAY, featuring a stellar group of players including Jed Kurzel (Mess Hall) and Warren Ellis (Dirty Three)… Both solo albums are available through the Reverberation imprint.

“Loene Carmen has fallen into some lost world where late night country rock is bound up in medieval chains. Mazzy Star springs straight to mind, but the flesh in Carmen’s voice and the huge spaces around it bring out other associations as well, most especially the sexy whisperings of Prince and the Rolling Stones at their loose and lazy best” – Mark Mordue

Loene also currently performs with psychedelic soul outfit SLOW HAND – who have an album on the way – and has various other projects in production – including an ambient ep, a Prince-ish album, and collaborations with Cardboard Box Man and The Devastations.

Loene has maintained a low key acting career since her portrayal of Freya in The Year My Voice Broke (1987) with notable performances in new feature Tom White and as Sallie Ann Huckstepp in cult favourite Blue Murder.

Loene Carmen’s sophomore solo album SLIGHT DELAY features Loene singing shimmering confessionals, stomping a tambourine and wringing the ghost of the blues from her guitar with a helping hand from Jed Kurzel (Mess Hall) on guitar and harmonica and Warren Ellis (Dirty Three) on violin and mandolin.

Artist: Loene Carmen
Release Date: January 1, 2004
Genre: Alternative/Punk
Styles: Alternative
Label: Reverberation / IODA

[Reviewed by Australian Music Online]


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