Luciano – Lessons of Life

Posted: January 14, 2007 in creativity
Cover of "Lessons of Life"
Cover of Lessons of Life

Peace, love, and positive vibes couldn’t ask for a better campaigner than the man who delivers the conscious lyrics with the heart of a lovers rock singer, Luciano. With Lessons of Life he’s back in top form and you can thank Fat Eyes, the production team that blends roots and ragga with grooving style, for that. A hand-on team, Fat Eyes adds dub twists, sweeping synths, and ping-pong noises to a solid, non-digital base. It allows Luciano’s passions to run freely as he bounces between the roles of Romeo and prophet effortlessly and convincingly. That he delivers the roots-and-culture tracks with approachable warmth and a learned voice won’t be news to any Luciano regulars, but Lessons of Life is a standout due to the risks it takes and the genre wandering it does. “Sweetness” is a soulful, steamy surprise with more of an Al Green feel than usual, crazy bleeps and bloops make “Humble Yourself” a highlight, and “Love Is the Future” could pass for an R. Kelly/Lenny Kravitz team-up. Luciano eases into every twist and turn the album takes like a champion Formula 1 driver, and no song here is without purpose. Another killer album in a discography that has more than its fair share.

Review Reviewed by David Jeffries, All Music Guide

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