Novel written based on SMS text

Posted: January 27, 2007 in creativity


Right now I’m rather busy with setting up a Flickr site, but here’s something that’s worth noting. Someone in Finland published a book entirely consisting of text messages. It’s the fictitious story of an IT executive who quit his job, travels through Europe and India and keeps in touch with friends and relatives via SMS. The 322 page novel typically is full of grammatical errors and word abbreviations – which makes me wonder how much influence texting will have on the English language. I do have friends who would be totally appalled by the prospect of any affect; I think it’s great to see language being alive ;).

Interesting to see this experiment coming from Finland, a country that wholeheartedly embraces technology (it’s the country that gave birth to Nokia). SMS in particular has become a way of life in Finland; even the Finish prime minister was reported by the gutter press to have broken up with his girlfriend via a text message. Just imagine John Howard or George Bush breaking up with their partners, leave alone with girlfriends or doing it through a SMS message … it seems Finish society is much much younger in spirit than Australia’s or the empire’s. Back to the book: it must be popular – the publisher is planning to translate it into other languages. Given the novel’s approach to language, that should be an easy job. And I hope they’ll be successful ;).


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