Battles vs Grizzly Bear

Posted: March 6, 2007 in creativity

I’m not so sure about the music which is kind of experimental post-rock, but quite dense, complex, cerebral, and hypnotic in a monotonous way. The group is called ‘Battles‘ and the single on this clip is called ‘Atlas’ and is from their forthcoming debut album ‘Mirrored), to be released in May 2007. I quite like the clip though which made it ‘video of the year’ (so far) on Gorilla vs Bear.

Vastly different and on another side of experimental post-rock is the following clip. On it ‘Grizzly Bear‘ performs ‘Easier’ in-store at Good Records in Dallas, where they were filmed for Gorilla vs Bear by Rye Clifton and David Bartholow. This music is much more ethereal, otherworldly, and dream-like folky. Apparently their 2006 album ‘Yellow House‘ is fantastic and musically much richer than this sample suggests.

  1. anonymous says:

    grizzly bear wins by 100 fold

    hands down

    battles are fun but have no heart

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