Luminous Buildings

Posted: March 8, 2007 in creativity

Currently the Netherlands Architecture Institute hosts an exhibition ‘Architecture of the Night – Luminous Buildings’. The exhibition shows how over the last hundred years the use of artificial light has changed the way we design and build as well as how we experience the built-up environment at night. Illuminated models in a dark space occupy a special place in the exhibition. There are also unusual works of art, lighting designs, classical and modern night photographs of buildings and boulevards, and collages of by “night” postcards.

Not living in Holland, I can only say that it would be great to see an exhibition on the history of artificial light in architecture; at the same time I hope that it raises strongly the issues issues connected with our uses of light. The website just mentions some: the influences of artificial light our biorhythm as well as that of animals and plants that are exposed to it, light pollution in our cities, and the effect of lighting use (especially at night and especially in empty office blocks) on global warming. A good start.

Van Nelle Factory, Rotterdam. Photograph: Geljon


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