Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang

Posted: March 30, 2007 in creativity

Via Neatorama: “The Ryugyong Hotel is much like the North Korean regime itself: it’s monolithic, unstable, and menacing. Construction began on the building in 1987; it was abandoned in 1992, presumably because funding ran out. Perhaps due to bad concrete used in its initial construction, some think it’ll never be open as it’s currently designed. To this day, a crane sits at the top, 330 meters above Pyongyang, a dormant antenna perched on the half-built, ghostly hull. The edifice lacks windows, fixtures, and fittings; that it was never finished didn’t stop the government from adding it to maps and official currency, or from manipulating it in official images so that it appears to be lit up at night. Why would an isolationist state like North Korea, a country with perhaps the world’s tightest controls on tourism, undertake the construction of a hotel with 3,000 rooms? One can only guess”.


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