Liquid Sculpture by Martin Waugh

Posted: April 6, 2007 in creativity

Even though these photos of liquid splashes are not new, they still look quite amazing. Published on, they were taken by Martin Waugh. “Liquid Sculpture is the process of creating shapes by dropping and splashing water, or other liquids. These sculptures are then photographed, since they last only a few thousandths of a second”.

The seminal work for this kind of photography was done by A.M. Worthington in the late 1800s. In his ‘A Study of Splashes’, he used an electric spark as a flash. Harold Edgerton at MIT together with photographer Gjon Mili popularised the technique (Edgerton als invented the xenon flash tube). Mili used stroboscopic equipment, particularly a “multiflash” strobe light, to produce strikingly beautiful photographs, many of which appeared in Life Magazine.


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