Mehmet Özgür – Outstanding Photo Art

Posted: April 10, 2007 in creativity

Mehmet Özgür is an engineer by education and profession and also an avid photographer. His work spans a substantial range of subject matter and technique, from the landscape panorama to normal format landscape, digital compositions and his amazing smoke works, which comprise stunning images of incense smoke, mainly in monochrome but some in color. These, as all of his work, are digitally manipulated on the computer to provide the effect he is after, and it is obvious that Mehmet embraces the power of Photoshop with strikingly beautiful and strong compositional effects. Some examples of his photographic work are shown below – follow the links for a more in-depth appreciation of his work.

From his Smoke Works series


Chaos within

Two more wishes

Give me light

From his Ghost in my Mind series


From his Thin Lines series

Path II

Floating II

From his Landscapes 1:1 series

Moondance II

Canary Springs

From his Landscapes 1.5:1 series

Fall through fog IV

From his Panorama 2:1 series


Via The Digital Image Maker, Aynaya düsen hayaller, and, with the last link providing the most comprehensive view of his work.


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