Flame fractals

Posted: April 18, 2007 in creativity

Another form of creativity I am quite fond of: flame fractals. The following ones are from Stacey Whaley’s Intergalactic Art blog. Stacey is a fractal artist, and has been creating fractals since March of 2005. All of the designs seen on her blog were created using Apophysis software, though in March she wanted to begin creating fractals with Ultra Fractal. Flame fractal art is the art of math, something I was never good at ;). Maybe that would have been different if my maths teachers would have offered me this kind of expression, especially since we all would have had to do some time travel .

The selection below is kind of representative of Stacey’s work but in no way covers all the designs on offer. [Fractals generally look much better on a black background, but I don’t know how to change the background colour or the font size and type on this blog template ].







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