Posted: April 18, 2007 in creativity

I’m certainly no ballroom dancer and therefore unable (and unwilling) to dance tango. That though doesn’t prevent me from having an admiration for those who master to translate the sensual fire and passionate inferno into the taught movements of the tango. I love its stylised provocativeness, flirtatious heat and choreographed movements bursting with drama, intensity and sensuality. The pictures, which represent a small selection of tango posters from AllPosters.com intimately capture the tango dancers’ mastery of technique and accuracy of expression.



  1. Arlene says:

    Argentine Tango (where all tango stems from) is completely different from the bastardised version of American Ballroom Tango. Have a look on youtube. It is not choreographed and is a completely improvised dance. The smaller the steps the better.

    All that choreography and fancy footwork is from the stage and yes it is impressive, but most people do not dance that way in a social situation. There would be too many accidents for starters. Unfortunately, people think of stage tango as the real tango. The best part of dancing Tango is the stuff that cannot be seen. The moves that stem from the feelings from the heart and soul of the person and is only shared with the dance partner. Now that is sensual.

  2. tangobob says:

    I’m completely with Arlene on this. Many years ago when I first learned to tango it was all Choreographed, after three years of learning I went to a tango festival, and very soon learned that I knew nothing and had to start again from the beginning.
    True tango in it’s purest form is just walking to the music, to those who say they cannot dance tango I say then you cannot walk.
    Try a good teacher you will be suprised.

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