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Stunt artist Li Wei

Posted: May 27, 2007 in creativity

Recently I found on my friend Harry’s site a picture described as a body sculpture by Li Wei and a link to more of his work on Fun Height. The pictures look indeed fascinating but it is blatantly obvious that some manipulation did happen (see images below). So, here is Snopes blurb on it:

Li Wei’s body appears to float from a window on the 29th floor of Beijing’s Jianwai SOHO office complex. In the image, his body is held in gravity-defying suspension. Arms outstretched, body rigidly horizontal, Li appears on the threshold of either soaring miraculously among the skyscrapers of Beijing’s Central Business District, or plummeting gloriously like a modern day Bellerophon to a horrifying denouement. The work, like many of Li’s performances, was achieved with the aid of invisible wires, mirrors, and scaffolding. The resulting photograph of the event has been retouched to efface any traces of the architecture in this staging. This effort has been made to demonstrate, as Li puts it, ‘the reality in the unreal or fantastic’. These photographs do not capture reality but, rather, suggest to us the constructed nature of what we assume to be real.” Wonderful metaphor of what I always try to tell my friends.