Connext – All-in-one Device

Posted: July 14, 2007 in creativity
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This is another potentially useful gizmo found on Yanko Design.

Connext could be quite revolutionary: it is conceptually an all-in-one, flexible smart device that can morph its form to fit the application that it assumes – physically and virtually. Combining OLED touch-screen technology with E-paper flexibility, this device can switch to become a mobile phone, computer, multimedia player, watch, physical avatar etc. and probably more (I know it’s hard to read, but just check out the various application features on the second image below).


There also won’t be a the possibility anymore of ‘getting lost’ in software application interfaces: just pressing one of the six Mode Keys instantly brings the user to the specific device function. Applications like the badge and the necklace modes extend this device’s purpose beyond personal productivity, and opens up a new scenario of true physical interaction between individuals. If someone offers it one day, I’d line up to get it ;) .

Designer: James Zhan


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