Cima ladder

Posted: August 21, 2007 in creativity
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This is the first time in my life that I have seen a ladder that does not necessarily look like one. It is designed by Sergio Mahler and George Papadogiannis from Spain and built by Cima around 3 major inspirations:

  • Lightness: they stripped the ladder from a normally heavy look and from the complex assembly of a standard ladder to a simple and light shape. Functionally the weight of a ladder is a main factor, reducing it to less than a kilogram.
  • Paradox: between the outside shape and the inner shape, between the strength and the lightness, between the pure functionality and the pure aesthetics.
  • Climb: like climbing a tree, the Cima is supposed to bring us closer to the basic nature of climbing.

The Cima is produced in a single piece using the monocoque technique, similar to that used in bicycle frames. The material used is a carbon fibre composite, and the continuous shape and the closed frame spread the forces in all directions. Both, form and material, contribute to the high strength of the Cima and its light weight.

[via Spulch & Core77 & Random Good Stuff]


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