Energy Orb

Posted: September 3, 2007 in creativity
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Southern California Edison power station manager Mark Martinez was looking for a way to get his customers to use less energy. He hit upon the Ambient Orb, a glowing globe that changes color to represents changes in streaming data (weather, stock prices, etc). With a simple hack, Mark hooked the Ambient Orb up to his local grid, and created the Energy Orb, a device to visualize current grid load, and the relative price of electricity at any given moment. The Orb’s light changes from red (when energy costs are high) to a green glow (when they’re lower). Not only did Mark pioneer this brilliant idea, but he went one step further, and purchased 120 Ambient Orb globes to hand out to his customers …

The result was an impressive 40% reduction in energy use for those customers with the energy orb!

[see inhabitat for more information]


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