Germany to build largest ever pyramid

Posted: September 4, 2007 in creativity


I don’t really understand the fuss over the significance of some forms of burial. I like cultures such in Asia where dead bodies are fed to vultures, or our practices of cremation with the ash given over to the wind or the water. With these kinds of philosophical underpinnings I am amazed at what some Germans are planning: to build the largest ever pyramid, designated to become the (probably) largest ever cemetery.

Called the ‘Grosse Pyramide’ and to be built in Dessau, Germany, it will be ten times bigger than the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Members of the public can apply to be buried in the gigantic tomb via the project’s website. The backers say it will take thirty years to build, and will be 578m tall when completed.

Co-creator Jens Thiel said: “Our current estimates are that a burial space in a concrete block will cost up to €700 (A$1150), depending on the size. Outlasting physical existence was reserved for the select few in Egypt, but this pyramid will be open to everyone. No one should be denied a place just because they can’t afford it.”

[via building]


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