KEF’s MUON speakers

Posted: September 30, 2007 in creativity
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A few weeks ago I went to our local HiFi specialist and, in talking to him, I mentioned that I find it amazing
that people would fork out 20 grant for a stereo system. He smiled at me and corrected my figure to $250,000
– which I found even harder to believe. Having seen these speakers by KEF today, I do firmly believe him now
– their price tag is US$140,000. Just slightly out of my price range … 

It’s not only their sound quality which – hopefully – is excellent; for that sort of money you also get sophisticated
modern design. KEF, known to music lovers as the British manufacturer of top-quality speakers, made this
7 foot tall, four-way speaker system of high-shine aluminum, vacuum molded into deep curves. MUON was
created by modern industrial design icon Ross Lovegrove. Only 100 pairs of these speakers will be made.

[via Pure Contemporary]


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