Twin bike

Posted: September 30, 2007 in creativity
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I don’t have any information about this bike, and I’m not so sure about its looks and functionality; even though it seems to balance an adult and child alright, you wouldn’t like to share the ride with a Japanese Sumo wrestler. And as far as aesthetics are concerned, I guess it’s functionality the designer focused on. As far as tandems go though, it’s nice to sit side to side rather than having to hide behind the possibly sweaty co-rider’s back, feeling like a passenger or somehow else dropped back on the ladder of importance.


I wonder why these guys have their faces hidden behind a question mark – I hope it’s not a statement on the bike …

[via technogad]

  1. Charbu says:

    thank you for the photo, I saw this bike one day in Paris, and never after. I want to buy it, but where?
    Do you have some information?
    thank you, and have a nice life.


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