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Tobacco (by Peg Boyers)

Posted: November 17, 2007 in creativity


To rid yourself of envy and sin
mix honey with tobacco.


Tabaco, tu boca,
tus bocas
—your mouths,
sweet island uncles, your lips

fragrant with Cuban puros, and you
lifting me
in a cloud of smoke

for a good-night kiss, passing me,
one to one,
with your dark burly arms

hugging me close so that
my hair, my nightie, take back the smell
to linger over in bed under the mosquito net.

The cousins asleep in rows of cots on the veranda,
the ocean breeze billowing the netting
so it scratches my cheek—the lightest of stings.

Little huddles of white, snug as tobacco hills
swathed in gauze, baking the blonde inner leaves
to wrap, ring with bands and burn.

The sound of Mamita and her sisters singing
Quando salí de l’Habana válgame dios
Habana puro.

My shallow smoker’s breath,
asthmatic, subverts the soul’s infant desire,
but the memory of pleasure persists.

Tabaco, tu boca,
tus bocas
—Lelén, Pili, Pancho,
and the priest, Benjamín, all the tíos

in starched guayaveras,
pleats pressed over their stout middles:
tobacco musk of men,

chiefs in a circle, smoking
the weed
like the first caciques

Columbus found when he waded to shore
at Puerto de Mares, Port of Seas,
Port of Surfs,

Port of Sorrows.
Tabaco. Tu boca—
No se toca.

Tio Cheo, you weren’t like the rest. Your
arms were smooth and pink and fine.
And your breath

smelled of guarapo when you leaned over
and sang to us
in your pitch perfect voice

American show tunes you’d picked up in college
before the seminary, before
the priesthood, before Uncle Ben

nailed you, took off your frock
and drove you
to Bellevue

where drugs and shock-treatment
dulled away desire.
Too mad now

even for the Franciscans, banished
from their monastery, your habit

you phone from the asylum, asking
for cigarettes: still, at eighty,
craving, unrequited.

Tu boca, Cheo

Projekt RMF Media Complex

Posted: November 11, 2007 in creativity


I got a response to one of my posts, one that could even have been spam but: it does have a link to a very appealing piece of architecture in Poland. Since I can’t speak Polish, I’m not sure what the website says except that the building seems to be built to house a radio station, and that the design won the “Mies van der Rohe Award for European Contemporary Architecture”.


Keagan McCurdy just clued us in on ReMade, a sustainable entrepreneurial project by junior-year Industrial Design students at Western Washington University. ReMade’s objective is to transform industrial refuse into product designs that are marketed and sold through a retail venue.

This year, 12 students individually thought up an innovative and sustainable product and produced 20 of each for sale. The collection includes light switch covers made from old street signs by Jesse Hanson (top left), sushi rollers made from bicycle spokes by Keagan McCurdy (top right), X-acto blade handles made from old toothbrushes by Jason Harrow (bottom left), and fully biodegradable plant pots by Erica Brissenden (bottom right).

This year, Goods for the Planet and the Seattle Art Museum will host these products beginning November 2nd through December 25th, 2007.

Meet the designers @ Goods for the Planet
November 10, 2007 from 5 – 7 PM
525 Dexter Avenue North
Seattle, Washington

[via epodic, core77]