ReMade @ Western Washington University

Posted: November 10, 2007 in creativity
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Keagan McCurdy just clued us in on ReMade, a sustainable entrepreneurial project by junior-year Industrial Design students at Western Washington University. ReMade’s objective is to transform industrial refuse into product designs that are marketed and sold through a retail venue.

This year, 12 students individually thought up an innovative and sustainable product and produced 20 of each for sale. The collection includes light switch covers made from old street signs by Jesse Hanson (top left), sushi rollers made from bicycle spokes by Keagan McCurdy (top right), X-acto blade handles made from old toothbrushes by Jason Harrow (bottom left), and fully biodegradable plant pots by Erica Brissenden (bottom right).

This year, Goods for the Planet and the Seattle Art Museum will host these products beginning November 2nd through December 25th, 2007.

Meet the designers @ Goods for the Planet
November 10, 2007 from 5 – 7 PM
525 Dexter Avenue North
Seattle, Washington

[via epodic, core77]

  1. Clean Freak says:

    having a fresh teeth always made my day…. i usually used battery powered toothbrush to clean my teeth… its more efficient and also take less effort…. 🙂

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