Posted: January 25, 2008 in society
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I am so glad we don’t live in the 50’s anymore, at least in certain quarters … and I can’t believe modern society ever was so sexist!

  1. isiria says:

    Comment by my friend Carsten:

    “According to wikipedia this guide seems to be a hoax circulating since at least the ’80s (in fax form back then).'s_guide

  2. isiria says:

    unfortunately though, i believe the hoax actually reflects the ruling ideology of the 50s with its attitudes and expectations based on a sexist and patriarchal structure – just look at ads in those days relating to ‘housekeeping’ (likes household cleaning agents, white goods, food, etc.). what probably could be said is that the fifties were the beginning of the end of such attitudes, which finally were radically questioned in the uprisings and counter cultures of the 60s. and: there are of course still many cultures and sections even in our society where women still are treated this way 😦

    to emphasise this point, a comment by a friend of mine: “I’ve seen similar things before and the training guide I got in high school – ‘the young catholic ladies guide for christian behaviour in the modern world’ was definitely just a 70’s version of it. The section on preparing for marriage had v similar advice.” so, whether the article was a fake or not unfortunately is not very relevant to the evaluation of worldviews in 50s.

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