VOX is not a good choice …

Posted: February 4, 2008 in science & technology
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I just started testing a few blogging hosts, and my experience with VOX certainly was not very pleasant. For example,

  • copying and posting text into a post can introduce fonts other than the standard Ariel 10pt; because you can’t change the font type in VOX nor fine-tune font sizes (only a choice of larger and smaller is possible), you’re stuck with what you’ve copied
  • the consequent display of copied/pasted content is surprisingly unpredictable: for example, in one particular case, copied text was displayed partially in the standard font and font colour and partially in a very small and black font, which made it almost unreadable on the dark-coloured template background
  • you could get around these problems if VOX would offer html editing – but it doesn’t
  • images I copied could not be posted in their original size or in an alignment different from ‘left’, which left me with images too small to be read properly at a layout location I did not want
  • even worse: repeatedly in several posts now I was not able to post images and text together the first time around; after the text was created, VOX did not accept image uploads; instead I had to publish the text first, and then go back into it by using the editing function to insert the images stored on my computer (which was no problem then)
  • people can’t leave comments if they are not VOX users or willing to join VOX
  • you can’t save posts before publishing them and VOX does not offer a preview facility … which can make publishing a post often an exercise of double-handling

All in all: messy, cumbersome, time-consuming, very limited functionality and not a good 2-way communication medium outside the rather small VOX community.

livejournal logo

I started another blog on LiveJournal and writing posts there was easier – to a degree. Typing text provided no problem, including the copying of sections. If problems like the above would occur in LiveJournal, you could use the html editor, a function that of course has lots of other advantages.

While creating textual content was easy, image editing is a pain. LiveJournal does not provide an image manager, so you either have to do some mathematical calculations on your image size and transfer them to the html editor (that’s a guess though – I haven’t tried that yet) or you have to rely on fixed image sizes that you’ll need to enter by editing and inserting specific image url’s during the image upload process. awkward procedure!

Another image related problem: I have not found a way yet to get into stylesheets to give my images a space of a few pixels around them to separate them from the surrounding text; right now text and image are glued together, which is unpleasing to my eye. Unfortunately, CSS access is limited to a few editing changes, and adding a buffer zone around images does not seem to be part of it. There is one way to change your stylesheets though: write them from scratch yourself … right!

As for the rest – I’ll keep testing 🙂 …


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