Gudhara Holistic Sanctuary

Posted: February 26, 2008 in society
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My friend Che is currently organising a wonderful event around education, which will include a conference as well as a three-day meeting space for students and professional people acting as elders, advisors, visionaries or what ever role might emerge for them in that space. In the context of hearing about the preparations I came across the Gudhara Holistic Sanctuary.

Gudhara is a not-for-profit organisation run by a small group of people under the principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability. It runs weekend retreats which are conducted by experienced facilitators with an emphasis on raising consciousness for personal and global transformation. The retreat centre itself too is based on sustainability principles which, for example, include each guest to the sanctuary being encouraged to undertake some environmental practice, such as organic gardening or bush regeneration, giving him or her a practical and hopefully also inspirational experience of what sustainability can mean in daily life.

What Gudhara valued most in life according to its website is:

  • Equality, friendship and compassion
  • Open communication and resolution of conflict
  • Integrity in business and personal exchanges
  • Valuing and living in harmony with the natural environment
  • Health and spiritual growth
  • Creativity and a zest for life

Upcoming workshops, retreats and other events include an African drum and dance camp; design workshops based on “sacred geometry”, Feng Shui and Vedic traditions; children’s creative arts and movement days during school holidays and workshops on active and passive solar design, mudbrick construction, practical applications of Bio-Dynamics, designing with natural materials, eco-Shamanism and ‘finding the designer within’.

For more information click on the links below or contact Gudhara:

gudharalogo1.jpgGudhara Holistic Sanctuary
22 Stoney CreekRoad
Marulan NSW 2579
Phone/Fax: 02 4841 1632
Mobile: 0403 203 963

  1. Ausearth says:

    I really cant see how burning leaf litter instead of composting and returning it to the earth is sustainable, or burning cow dung while chanting some sacred words will increase fertility of the land.
    Sacredness comes from the root not from words.
    One should live there truth.
    Mystery’s of the mystified.

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