Nokia Morph and nanotechnology

Posted: February 26, 2008 in science & technology
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I do love my mate Harry for his IT passion (actually: also for many other parts of his personality 🙂 ). He talked me into buying the MacBook Air, which arrived yesterday and which is a beautiful little machine. I am happy to be able to admit this already, coz I was a bit skeptical and I am not fond of Apple’s corporate attitudes, but in terms of hard- and software so far the Air proves to be a little gem. I am sure there will be many more experience reports on this blog in future, and hopefully they’ll all be raves ;).


Harry also found on yesterday’s Engadget this little article on Nokia’s Morph – a concept device based on nanotechnology. I don’t know much about the possibilities of this technology, which will be one of the next really big technological revolutions. I can understand that some geeks cannot but be slightly cynical about certain possibilities, but Morph might become reality much quicker than we currently think. For one, it’s not just an idea that comes out of the Nokia Research Centre but also out of Cambridge University’s Nanoscience Centre. Secondly of course, it’s dreamers who create the future; if we had to rely on cynics we wouldn’t have one worth contemplating 😉 . With that being said, the YouTube clip is definitely worth watching – and I’d certainly like to be and hopefully one day will be part of that world 🙂 .

  1. Corey Egger says:

    That is amazing! If that actually comes out i would definatly get one. I would really like to see that come out in the future.

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