Anthony Lister

Posted: March 19, 2008 in creativity

Coke nights on thirller (right)

Unknown title

Anthony Lister (b 1980) is an Australian-born painter and Installation Artist living in New York. He is part of the Low Brow Art Movement and has been featured on and

Lister’s work often deals with subject matter from society and popular culture, reflecting the less glamorous aspects of it. He occasionally draws from television and such themes as “misguided role models” that result from it. He has said that “Australians are raised by Americans on TV” and also that “TV is the contemporary mode of meditation”. His children have had a profound impact on the way he creates art, he has drawn from “watching what [his] own children are watching on tv” and “what they’re bombarded with”. For more information on Lister go to his website, which not only has many more images of his painted work but also of some of his installation.

A Short Video Of Anthony Lister’s Painting Process

Saturday morning prime time

‘Jesus may as well be Superman, God is better understood as ‘The Force’, and the Devil is more easily recognised within the actions of our politicians and global corporate entities. These are our contemporary codes of living practice. Our urban mythology is now translated through comic books and television sitcoms. The distinction between good and bad plague our existence in every way yet remain ambiguous in their representation.’ Anthony Lister 2007

                                       Super lean2

Mr. never picked


Wonder woman2


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