NASA’s new moon vehicle tearing the moon apart

Posted: March 27, 2008 in science & technology
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Thanks to the New Scientist and Engadget we can get a pretty good idea of what NASA’s new Chariot lunar vehicle can do. Just think of the lunar landscapes mining and deforesting operations create here on Earth and you’ll get the picture. Fortunately there are no trees on the moon and the landscape is lunar already, but that might make us even more careless and violently creative than we are here on Earth – especially with the US planning to be at work there. As you can see for yourself, the rig certainly looks to be quite capable of tearing it up on the lunar surface, with its plough, a drill and a back hoe being ready for setting up the first moon base (or other potential lunar installations, some of them peaceful while others won’t be). Military installations certainly will have priority, and the future does not look peaceful with laser cannons already planned, even though this one still looks harmless.


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