Surveillance drones combing urban landscapes

Posted: March 27, 2008 in society

honeywell-drone.jpg After booby drones will be going to work in the UK (a country known for ten thousands of CCTV cameras and for sporting speakers and microphones in public spaces), the US cops are employing them no as well. To make them palpable to the public, big brother is introducing them with the usual propaganda, like wanting to use them in “urban areas with an eye toward full-fledged employment in crime fighting” and having them in service only in “tactical situations as an extra set of eyes.” Sure. We have manned flying machines already generating speeding fines and helping to sustain the terrorist hysteria – why wouldn’t the State want to save wages when it does everywhere else in this economic-rationalist and increasing surveillance oriented world? Won’t be long, and we’ll have them here as well, snooping on us wherever we are.

[see also Engadget and Reuters]


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