Hans Hemmert

Posted: April 7, 2008 in creativity
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Inges Idee (Art in public space) features amongst other artists German born Hans Hemmert – latex, drawings, videoart and photography artist. Visit his pages to journey through some really interesting works ranging from the slightly funny and bizzre to the dramatic. And include checking his short video clips, like #2 and #8.

For more background info on Hemmert click here


“Samstag Nachmittag, zuhause in Neukölln”, 1995, 
Latexballon / Luft/ Künstler/ Wohnraum, Dialeuchtkasten, 

“Unterwegs”, 1996, Latexballon / Luft / Künstler / Auto, Dialeuchtkasten 

H.H.Bleistift/Tintenstrahldruck auf Papier, 42×29,7cm

H.H. Bleistift/Aquarell auf Papier, 48x33cm

lok vok 3 part video clip #8


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