Colin Johnson

Posted: April 9, 2008 in creativity

Colin Johnson – All You Can Eat

Colin Johnson is generally described as an illustrator, although some of his work clearly is painting while other is collage.

It was difficult to find any interesting biographical information on him. Trawling through interviews would have meant ending up with lots of missing puzzle pieces, and most websites simply just copy and paste his professional bio as an intro to their messages about him. The best description I bumped into was a rare one indeed; I found it on Illustration Mundo, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was written by himself 😉 .

“Colin’s professional illustration career began in 1994. Prior to that he was a sheep wrangler in New Zealand and a part time auto mechanic in Greece. He dreamed of one day becoming the first ballet dancer, belly dancer and astronaut, but alas, it did not work out as he had planned. Many months passed and Colin spent a great deal of time picking lint out of his belly button. By this point he was living in Minsk (Belarus) of which he knew nothing so he moved to Bali (Indonesia) which he knew only slightly more about! He had once seen a documentary about Bali and thought he would like it there. He met many friendly people there and they taught him many unique forms of arts and crafts. One day Colin met a man wearing a yellow hat. The man in the yellow hat took him to live in the big city. Colin was a curious monkey and he often escaped while the man in the yellow hat was running errands. He had many great adventures including the time he chipped his tooth on a windmill. The man in the yellow hat ultimately grew tired of Colin and finally kicked him out. Colin was worried at first but he soon fell back on his former skills as an anesthesiologist and was immediately employed by a local veterinarian. He had a wild time and befriended many interesting animals. He kept a few as pets and had many interesting escapades with them in various foreign countries. Soon it was time for Colin to start his illustration career. In the days since he has settled down considerably and now enjoys bobbing for apples, playing the bagpipes, and building gondolas in his free time.”

The works below represent a miniscule amount of his overall work, and they are in no way representative. What they do hopefully show though is a style change between his earlier work from the 1990s and his current productions.

Colin Johnson – Insomnia

Colin Johnson – Woodblock Painting Series 4

Colin Johnson – Spore Addict


Colin Johnson – Flotsam & Jetsam

Colin Johnson – The Blue Thread

[For more information on Colin Johnson see his website as well as his Flickr site]


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