Garth Weiser

Posted: April 19, 2008 in creativity


Garth Weiser’s paintings consist of stark geometric patterns with textured paint surfaces. His visual language is a mixture of figurative and abstract imagery, sometimes creating an impression of cerebral landscapes. Like so often in abstract works there are multiple perspectives and horizons, and Weiser also creates spatial effects through his use of colours and shades, which seem to fold back into the background through layered iterations. Colour is also used to sketch out space, with emerging forms quite challenging at least to my observing eyes. While they might emphasise a certain simplicity they nevertheless often seem bold and certainly  provocative; in his own unique way he is challenging the familiarity with geometric order through disruptive ways of breaking up space and form and rearranging both.

An important part of Weiser’s visual language are, as already mentioned, his textured paint surfaces – an element that unfortunately cannot be reproduced in these 2D web images. Apparently they are composed of variations of brushstroke, gloss, comb-like effects and ‘bricks’ of layered paint that in combination and variation give rise to a topography, which supports the 3D illusions Weiser creates through his treatment of space and form through colour and direction. These textural expressions also seem to add the sculptural subtlety needed to interrupt the otherwise often formal and rigid appearance of his work. It is this aspect alone already that makes me hope he’ll exhibit sometimes here in Australia.

No good will

Brown circles

Census figure

Something for the weekend


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