Posted: April 27, 2008 in creativity

Julia Fractal

Mandelbrot Fractal

A Julia and a Mandelbrot fractal, produced from a rather boring photo that I originally wanted to delete (see left). Creating the fractal was easy with the freely available Paint.NET program – just go to the ‘Effects’ menu item, choose ‘Render’ and one of the two fractal modes and play around with the options. Nice transformation!

Unfortunately Paint.NET is not the tool to start an amazing fractal production studio that creates endlessly diverse beauty out of trash. The application clearly has its limitations, e.g. there are only two fractal rendering methods (Julia and Mandelbrot), the pre-editing work copies look pretty much alike (whatever the starting image looks like), and there are only four editing tools. I never looked into it, I am sure though there are quite sophisticated fractal rendering engines around that could make you the world’s best fractal creator; I think I’ll move on from here to other ways of playing around with photos.

  1. vveritasv says:

    these are gorgeous. I did a Google search for Mandelbrot Fractal so I could see what one looked like and it sent me to your journal. These are fantastic, the colors are stunning. Thanks for posting them.

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