EcoLogic at the Powerhouse

Posted: August 14, 2008 in environment, events
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EcoLogic at the Powerhouse Museum is about the way we use the world. It’s about hopes, fears, imagination and action. It’s about redesigning the way we live. It’s about caring for our environment, our economy, tomorrow’s children and ourselves – without destroying the Earth.

EcoLogic is a multi-layered exhibition that includes compelling objects, graphics, sculpture and artworks. It presents videos, film and soundscapes that brings visitors face to face with people who are changing the way we live, manufacture and work. EcoLogic has fun interactives to help explain complex issues, and a play space for young kids.

We know that a sustainable future depends upon the choices we make today and every day. Making those choices isn’t always obvious or easy – the Powerhouse website claims that this challenging and inspiring exhibition presents new ideas and technologies that can reduce our individual and collective impact on the planet.

EcoLogic focuses on what we can do for the future of the planet and it demonstrates how smart ideas and environmental design can make a difference. It allows to take a journey through rural and coastal Australia and witness the soil and water crises threatening our food supplies, meeting farmers and communities who are finding solutions to the problems.

See how clever design, whether for a consumer product, industrial system, farming method, or a whole city, can minimise consumption of materials and energy, thereby reducing waste. Explore society’s changing values and attitudes to the environment. Walk through our sustainable ‘house’, full of products, energy-efficient appliances and materials that are available now.

EcoLogic is an integrated program, which includes public programs, special events and EcoLogic Online including amongst other references the following links:

What is ecologically sustainable development?
Sustainable means for a society to continue indefinitely. Beyond this broad definition what are the conditions, qualities and goals to support the sustainable future you would like to experience?

Life depends on cycles
Everything we consume comes from our environment. Our lives and industries are part of big natural cycles. Take a closer look at these cycles.

City Living
See how our homes, products, industry, transport, consumption and production can be more sustainable. See also Young designer for students and those interested in sustainable design.

Nurturing the land
The security of our food is vital. Are we adding a dangerous level of salt to our diet? Explore the connections of soil, water and biodiversity.

Living on the edge-the coast
Is aquaculture the answer to our diminishing fish stocks and other marine species? How can people working together make a change?

Measuring well being
Social values can and do change. What information and inspiration do we need to make these changes?

Online Interactives
Explore pathways to sustainability by playing these online interactives. How big is your ecological footprint? What future do you want for your town?


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