Workshopped 08

Posted: August 14, 2008 in creativity, events
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Workshopped is on again – this time at Chifley Plaza in the heart of Sydney ‘s CBD (2 Chifley Square). The exhibition will be the largest single event of Sydney Design 08 and is co-presented by the Powerhouse Museum. The exhibition is open (free) to the public 13 – 23 August 2008. This year’s brief is Design Matters and up to 30 designers will reveal why their work matters and where it will find a home! The event has become truly national in its breadth with designers from NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, TAS, WA, ACT and USA .

WORKSHOPPED looks for designers that have identified and considered the issues relating to production, whether limited or mass production and irrespective of the production method. And most importantly design that might be desired, taken home and lived with!

Below are examples from two participating designers …


In a time of growing concern regarding energy consumption, PI is designed to incorporate energy saving SSL (Solid State Lighting) technology in a format that allows this technology to have a life of its own rather than being considered only in terms of retrofit solutions.

Aesthetically it was inspired by, and borrows heavily from, the 1960s and as such creates an interesting contrast by combining the formal aesthetic qualities of the past with cutting edge lighting technology.


Being trained as a transportation designer, Kenan Wang always wanted to design furniture which has a beautiful surface and a nice transformed shape. Finally, Twist bench series gave him the opportunity to realise his idea. This design certainly will provide a different interactive experience of being on a bench.


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