Year 12 English essay metaphor quotes from NSW, Australia

Posted: September 3, 2008 in humour, society
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While trying to avoid a comment on either students or teachers or education standards (simply because I don’t know anything about the background of these lists), I would find it hard not to wonder how these kids got into Year 12 if the quotes, could be linked to real students, are an expression of their language skills. And this concern would remain even if these students do have other subjects in which they might shine. Or has language changed so much that my thoughts appear old-fashioned? In any case the content is hilarious :).

  1. i am heartened by this irreverent use of the english language. there’s a sense of irony in these phrases that goes almost beyond irony and into a place that only this 21st century culture could venture. this generation’s mind has been colonised by the media, by TV and by the type of social artefacts we are steeped in. that is, one cluttered with ATMs, land mines, and TV guides. that we could even laugh at some of these references tells me a lot too.

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