Joshua Petker

Posted: December 15, 2008 in creativity


Back in September, Fecal Face interviewed Joshua Petker, a Californian artist who often likes to paint women in a rather disturbing way. Fecal Face’s Manuel Bello has got a point: “His paintings are like that girl that you know will destroy you but somehow you just can’t resist”.

Petker paints his women as being seductive, and they all are beautiful. He  even uses pastel colours, but more often than not they are strong and sometimes threatening. Most of his female faces have whitish faces, mask like, and at times smudged lipstick (he thinks they all might have issues 😉 ). So, there’s a real tension in his pictures between these opposing elements, sometimes culminating in cold chill brutality. And something I wouldn’t have guessed: he sees himself being influenced by Gustav Klimt – but then: who says there’s no beauty in terror? 😉



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