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Posted: December 15, 2008 in creativity
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dd8For quite a few weeks now I wanted to write a post on Sydney’s Dub Dentist (or is David Kagan), music addict since the age of 12, a compulsive record collector, sometime DJ, Dental Surgeon (yeah for real!), and of late, music producer. Several years in London infused the Dentist with a love of reggae, dub, dancehall and the genres they spawned, always a sucker for a sweet bassline and a good rhythm. He’s been making music for the past few years, several tunes having been aired on a swag of community stations around Sydney including FBI, 2SER, Bondi FM and on JJJ nationally. Producer of “The ‘F’ Word”, one of the most requested tunes on JJJ in 2004, the music traverses all boundaries from dub to dance, from acid to hip hop, from ambient to just downright twisted. You can hear 20 years of influences in these tunes, the bottom line being that the music was fun to make, and hopefully just as much fun to enjoy!


dd2“Selection Without Objection” is the long awaited first release for Sydney’s Dub Dentist. 2 CDs…….150 minutes of melodic, genre defying, bass heavy sounds as featured on Radio FBI, 2SER, JJJ and Radio National. Includes remixes of King Tide’s “Beggars Waltz” and the Versionaries’ “Everybody”, as well as “Pumpkin’s Pussy” and “The Fling” both playlisted on FBI. 

Available for purchase in store, through FUSE MUSIC or from his website by credit card or PayPal for 29.95 (including postage within Australia).

AND: Dub Dentist is not just dentistry and music. For example, he’s also fotografie. His website offers a fairly large gallery of his sometimes arresting foto images. They’re strikingly taken from all corner of the world – sometimes travel shots, sometimes statement, other times purely aesthetic art. It’s very very hard to choose just three from so many eye-catching ones …


With so much artistic talent talent, the surgery itself can’t just have your average sterile hosptial look & feel. David has been in Paddington now for more years than he care to remember and in that time the surgery has gained a reputation for being a little unusual in it’s presentation and atmosphere. They are fortunate to meet and treat many very talented and creative people during the course of any working day, many of whom have provided him with the inspiration to pursue his own creative endeavours. The walls of the surgery are adorned with artworks showcasing local artists, photographers and sculptors and all the while, music is ever present. Many local musicians DJs and producers also receive their oral panel beating here and the Dub Dentist crew love hearing and playing their music !! (In time they hope to be be posting links to a number of these people.) As for the art decorated walls, here are a couple of examples …


dd81 dd81 dd81

  1. dub dentist says:

    Hi Isiria………..first a big thanks for your interest in the album !!!!! it is much appreciated……………caught your Twitter comment……….the quote from Genesis was by ( I believe) the astronaut William Anders whilst orbiting the moon…………it was meant to compliment the tune which basically is a take on 80s analogue electro………back then the producers of the time were crazy about space in vaders,space travel, pac man, space in general etc and the words seem to fit the tune nicely……….they were never meant as an atempt to display any religious beliefs or to proselytise in any way ………… best regards
    David (TDD)

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