Siggi Eggertsson Grafiks

Posted: December 19, 2008 in creativity
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I happened to stumble across Siggi Eggertsson’s graphic design site; I find his style quite appealing.


Eggertsson says: “Ultima Thule is a typeface that I made with a good friend of mine, Sveinn. One night we were really bored and decided to make a typeface together. We worked all night and at 6 o’clock in the morning, after about 5 cans of Red Bull each and too many cigarettes, Ultima Thule was finally born.” What I also like about this piece is the choice of words: “Franz scuds across Bavaria in a completely neglected taxi” – could be a scene from a movie (arthouse of course).


This design actually is one result of what Eggertsson describes as “Graphical Ping Pong between me and Cody Hudson for, promoting the new Samsung Tocco mobile phone“. The piece actually is by Cody Hudson; I included it because it nicely complements Eggertsson’s stuff and, again, I like the choice of words:  “moshi moshi” – the Japanese telefon greeting.


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