Noam Chomsky on democracy and the economy in crisis

Posted: December 26, 2008 in society

Softly spoken but pointedly thinking: Noam Chomsky. He’s talking about democracy and that the only reason it can be called that is because people struggle against the two parties that in fact are two factions of the same party: the business party. Because of that struggle there are slight differences between them, which is why people might consider voting against McCain and for Obama (the interview took place just before the election), but without illusions. As a part of the ruling elite Obama is not representing the people (which, despite the rhetoric, clearly shows in who he’s chosen to be part of his ‘leadership’ team).

The second video focuses more specifically on the economy, especially on its structural or systemic components that led to the current financial crisis. One of them is the anti-democratic nature of the financial and general business system. The politicians like to keep the people out of decision making processes because people have to be kept away from business decisions. This exclusion of democracy from the realm of capital is one reason for the de-regulation that led to the current crisis, but there’s much more to it …

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