Israelis ask Rafah residents to leave because they want to bomb their area

Posted: January 8, 2009 in civilisation?
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gaza_palestinians_leafletsVoice of America reports that Israeli aircraft have dropped leaflets over Rafah in southern Gaza, warning people to leave before Israeli forces launch air strikes on the border city. Consequently tens of thousands of people are expected to evacuate the Rafah area after at least 25 homes were destroyed earlier on Wednesday (Al Jazeera).

While it may sound generous that the Israelis warn residents so that lives can be saved, it also shows their arrogance and assumed superiority with which they decide to flatten people’s homes and destroy their livelihoods. How would we feel if a neighbouring state drops leaflets in out suburb, telling us to better evacuate coz our home might be bombed? And on our return we indeed find our worst fears being realised: our house has been flattened, there’s no insurance allowing us to rebuild, we had not much money in the first place and so now we just have to live in the streets or hope to find some benevolent souls to take us and our family in.

I think it’s appalling how the Israelis behave. And the worst thing is: they have done so since the 1920s when Zionists started to kill Palestinians (and later the British protectorate forces) because they wanted to grab the Palestinian land for “their” homeland, which supposedly was granted to them by “their” god. Having their holy books on their side, they can kill and grab land belonging to those who happen to have different religious beliefs, while their victims have no right to self-defence and therefore get punished when doing so. And the West of course openly supports Israel, while much of the rest of the world (including the Arab states) idly stands by, at the most paying lip service to the human rights and other international law violations. Actually: at least Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez acted by sending home Israel’s ambassador.


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