Israel Killed Everything but the Will to Resist

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With Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu tipped to win the Israel elections and ethnic cleanser Avigdor Lieberman said to become his most powerful coalition partner, it could well be that the Nazi State of Israel will reopen the gates of its war on the Palestinian people living in Gaza. I feel it’s important to recall the pain and suffering Israel’s human rights violating barbaric state terror caused thousands of civilians just a few weeks ago – so we don’t forget. Stephen Lendman’s Global Research article provides this summary. It is also an important and highly informative piece to read – to get a different and most likely much more realistic view of what is happening in Palestine at large, facts that largely go unreported in mainstream media siding or at least sympathising with Israel – facts on Israel’s war crimes as well as the heinous philosophies driving them. The Jewish state is a terror state- no two ways about it. Its ideologies are the same the Nazis purported and executed in the thirties and forties. And the majority of  Israelis is actually more complicit than the Germans ever were under Hitler because most of them weren’t aware of the Holocaust – which can’t be said about the Israel’s population and its knowledge of its country’s past and present acts or Holocaust against Palestinians and its racism against Arabs in general.

By Stephen Lendman

Global Research, January 25, 2009

” ‘Freedom or death’, is the popular Palestinian mantra,” wrote Palestine Chronicle Editor-in-Chief Ramzy Baroud in his January 22 article titled “Breaking Gaza’s Will: Israel’s Enduring Fantasy.”

Three weeks of Israeli terror caused about 1400 deaths, over 5500 injured (many seriously), vast destruction and throughout Gaza, and Physicians for Human Rights warning that large numbers of wounded may die because hospitals are overloaded and lack basic supplies. Yet Palestinians endure. Their spirit is unbowed and unbroken. Hamas is more popular than ever, and world outrage sustains them.

Middle East analyst Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies believes Israel blundered badly. On January 9, he asked:

war-crimes-israel“The War in Gaza – Tactical Gains, Strategic Defeat?” In spite of all the IDF’s might “The fact remains that the growing human tragedy in Gaza is steadily raising more serious questions as to whether the kind of tactical gains that Israel now reports are worth the suffering involved.”

Cordesman reviewed the death, injury and destruction toll after 14 days of fighting, then added: “These direct costs are only part of the story.” He cited the siege’s crippling economic and humanitarian effects and wrote: “The current war has consequences more far-reaching than casualties. It involves a legacy of greatly increased suffering for the 1.5 million people who will survive this current conflict.”

“It is also far from clear that the tactical gains are worth the political and strategic cost to Israel. At least to date, (the war) increased popular support for Hamas and anger against Israel in Gaza. The same is true in the West Bank and the Islamic world….The US is seen as having done virtually nothing….and the President elect is getting as much blame as” George Bush.

He quotes former Saudi ambassador to Washington and London, Prince Turki al-Faisal saying: “The Bush administration has left you (with) a disgusting legacy and a reckless position towards the massacres and bloodshed of innocents in Gaza. Enough is enough, today we are all Palestinians….”

According to Cordesman, Israel appears to be repeating “the same massive failures” as in the 2006 Lebanon war. “Has Israel somehow blundered into a steadily escalating war without a clear strategic goal or at least one it can credibly achieve? Will Israel end in empowering (Hamas) in political terms….? Will Israel’s actions seriously damage the US position in the region, any hope for peace, as well as moderate Arab regimes and voices in the process? To be blunt, the answer (appears) to be yes….If this is all that Olmert, Livni, and Barak have (to show for their efforts) then they have disgraced themselves and damaged their country and their friends.”


Three Weeks of Israeli Terror Took Its Toll

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights compiles it daily and presents it in weekly reports. Its latest January 15 – 22 one includes whole families killed. More than 43% of deaths and injuries were women and children. The vast majority of casualties were civilians. “Entire features of many areas have disappeared, and civilian infrastructure services have completely collapsed.” Other destruction included:

  • hospitals, ambulances, civil defense and private vehicles, and relief services damaged or destroyed;
  • thousands of homes and whole neighborhoods damaged or destroyed as well as –
  • roads, bridges, power installations, sewage facilities, water wells, and other infrastructure;
  • 28 public civilian facilities;
  • ministry, municipality and other government buildings; the parliament building;
  • UN sanctuaries;
  • commercial buildings;
  • 121 industrial and commercial workshops destroyed; at least 200 others damaged;
  • fishing boats and harbors;
  • 21 private projects, including cafeterias, wedding halls, tourist resorts and hotels;
  • 30 mosques completely destroyed; 15 others damaged;
  • five concrete factories;
  • 60 police stations;
  • five media buildings and two health ones completely destroyed;
  • 29 educational institutions completely or partly destroyed; and
  • thousands of dunams of agricultural land razed.


After Israel declared a January 17 “ceasefire,” homes were bulldozed, agricultural land razed, civilians attacked and killed, homes invaded and searched, and arrests made. The war cost the al-Sammouni clan 36 of its men, women and children.

The West Bank wasn’t spared. The pattern repeats weekly, but from January 15 – 22 alone:

  • Hebron and Beit ‘Awa village (southwest of the city) homes were raided and searched; four civilians were arrested;
  • Jenin town and refugee camp homes were invaded, searched, and one civilian arrested;
  • Bourqin village homes, west of Jenin, were raided, searched, and one civilian arrested;
  • Qabtatya village homes, southwest of Jenin, were invaded and searched; no arrests were reported;
  • Roujib village homes, east of Nablus, were raided, searched, and one arrest made;
  • Dura village, southwest of Hebron, homes were invaded, searched, and four arrests made;
  • israeli-war-crimes-2Beit Sahour homes were raided and searched; one resident was arrested earlier;
  • al-Lubban village, near Nablus, homes were invaded, searched, and three arrests made, including a child;
  • at a January 16 Beit Ummar village, north of Hebron, anti-war demonstration, the IDF fired live rounds at civilians wounding at least three;
  • at another January 16 southern Hebron demonstration, the IDF shot and killed one man and wounded four others, including a child;
  • at a same day East Jerusalem demonstration, the IDF fired sound bombs, tear gas, and violently beat protesters; journalists were also attacked and forced to leave;
  • at another demonstration near the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the IDF attacked and violently beat at least 10 women;
  • at an al-’Eissawiya village, east of Jerusalem, demonstration, the IDF fired on and wounded four children, and arrested two others;
  • homes were also raided and searched in Beita village, south of Nablus; Zabbouba village, west of Jenin; ‘Anza village, southeast of Jenin; Hawara village, south of Nablus; Taqqou’ village, southeast of Bethlehem; Bani Na’im, east of Hebron; ‘Arraba village, southwest of Jenin; Fahma village, southeast of Jenin; Sa’ir village, northeast of Hebron; Western Toura village, southwest of Jenin; ‘Assira village, north of Nablus; Beit Emrin village, northwest of Nablus; al-Zahiriya village, south of Hebron; Ya’bad village, southwest of Jenin; Bethlehem city; al-Duhaisha refugee camp, southwest of Bethlehem; ‘Aaida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem; and Qaryout village, southeast of Nablus — homes in all areas were raided and searched; numerous arrests were made;
  • at a Beit Ummar village, north of Hebron, demonstration, the IDF fired live rounds on protesters wounding at least one child and arresting another;
  • two undercover IDF operations made arrests in Qabatya village, southeast of Jenin, and Qiffin village, north of Tulkarm.

PCHR reports that the Gaza siege continues. Border crossings remain closed. Collective punishment is enforced. Basic food, medicine and other essentials are unavailable or in scarce supply to the great majority of Gazans. Impoverishment now exceeds 80%. Mass human suffering affects everyone. The world community is complicit by its silence.

The IDF has also “imposed a tightened siege on the West Bank” adding new movement restrictions. Access to Jerusalem is denied, to the al-Aqsa mosque as well. Civilians are beaten, often violently. Vehicles are stopped and searched. Curfews are imposed. Arrests are made. Protests against the Separation Wall construction were attacked violently. Civilians were beaten and shot. Home demolitions continued. Two others were burned down. More land was seized. Settler attacks on Palestinians were reported. It happens all the time. Nothing is done to stop them. They’re free to harass, intimidate, beat, and kill Palestinians.

This is Occupied Palestine. Like Gaza, Israel terrorizes the West Bank daily. Fatah under Abbas is complicit. Human rights violations persist. An international conspiracy of silence permits it. No end of this is in sight. World outrage has taken notice. Israel now worries but not enough to matter.


Dahiya Doctrine” Devastation

Named after the Beirut suburb IDF destroyed in the 2006 Lebanon war, it’s how future ones will be fought. IDF Northern Command chief Gabi Eisenkot explained:

“What happened in the Dayiya quarter of Beirut in 2006 will happen in every village from which Israel is fired on. We will apply disproportionate force at the heart of the enemy’s weak spot (civilians) and cause great damage and destruction. From our standpoint, these are not civilian villages (towns or cities), they are military bases. This is not a recommendation. This is a plan. And it has been approved.”

According to Col. Gabriel Siboni (in October 2008), the idea is to use enough “disproportionate force (to inflict) damage and met(e) out punishment to an extent that will demand long and expensive reconstruction processes….With the outbreak of hostilities, the IDF will need to act immediately, decisively, and with force that is disproportionate to the enemy’s actions and threat it poses….The strike must be carried out as quickly as possible, and must prioritize damaging assets….be aimed at decision makers and the power elite….in Lebanon….at Hezbollah….(at) economic interests and the centers of civilian power.”

Disproportionality will “make it abundantly clear that the State of Israel will accept no attempt to disrupt (a state of) calm. Israel must be prepared for deterioration and escalation, as well as for a full scale confrontation….This approach” applies to Gaza as well….(It) will increase Israel’s long term deterrence (and) leave the enemy floundering in expensive, long term processes of reconstruction.”

For General Yoav Galant, it was to “send Gaza decades into the past.” Disturbing reports indicate that Lebanon may be next to complete the unfinished business of the 2006 war.

On October 6, 2008, prominent award-winning Israeli media figure Yaron London wrote about “The Dahiya strategy” for the Israeli English language His tone was belligerent and provocative in saying:

“Israel finally realizes that Arabs should be accountable for their leaders’ acts.” In the next Lebanon war, “we won’t bother to hunt for rocket launchers….Rather, we shall destroy (all of) Lebanon and won’t be deterred by the protests of the world.”

lebanon-warWe’ll “pulverize the 160 Shiite villages that have turned into Shiite army bases, and we shall not show mercy when it comes to hitting the national infrastructure of a” Hezbollah-controlled state. “This strategy is not a threat. (It’s) an approved plan (because) the whole of Lebanon is an Iranian outpost. (It’s) entirely malicious. (It’s) an enemy….Everyone is Nasrallah….nations are responsible for their leaders’ acts….(Gazans) are all Khaled Mashal….Lebanese are all Nasrallah….Iranians are all Ahmadinejad….We need to make the fear we sow among them greater.”

Most Israelis share these views. So do Kadima, Likud, Labor, and IDF officials. Past leaders as well, including David Ben-Gurion in saying:

“It’s not important what the world says about Israel….if we don’t show the Arabs that they have to pay a high price for killing Jews, we won’t continue living…. (we must) adopt….an aggressive defense; with every Arab attack we must respond with a decisive blow: the destruction of the place or the expulsion of the residents along with the seizure of the place….

The wisdom of Israel is the wisdom of war, nothing else….We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services….we (must go on) the offensive….smash Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, and Syria.”

Ben-Gurion and later Israeli leaders invoked scripture and self-defense to justify disproportionate force, war crimes, genocide, and occupation. “Dahiya” has a long history. Its current form is the latest version.

US – Israeli Complicity in Committing Genocide Against Palestinians

Francis Boyle is a law professor, human rights expert, and former legal advisor to the Palestinian Delegation to the Middle East Peace Negotiations leading to the 1993 Oslo Accords. He elaborates on “different degrees of heinousness for war crimes.” More serious are “grave breaches” of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Since the First Intifada (1987), “the world has seen those heinous war crimes inflicted every day by Israel against the Palestinian people living in occupied Palestine” – by Israeli forces and illegal settlers. Fourth Geneva mandates their prosecution, “including and especially Israel’s political leaders.”

“Crimes against humanity” are also committed “as determined by the UN Human Rights Commission….The concept” is from the 1945 Nuremberg Charter, drafted by America to try Nazi war criminals. These crimes include:

“murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, and other inhumane acts committed against a civilian population, before or during the war, or prosecutions on political, racial or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, whether or not in violation of the domestic law of the country where perpetrated.”

Israel is criminally liable for committing them. So is America as a co-conspirator.

Nuremberg is the “historical and legal precursor to the international crime of genocide as defined by the 1948 Genocide Convention.” It’s very specific and includes killing; causing serious bodily or mental harm; and destroying a group “in whole or in part.”

Since late 1947, Israel’s “final solution” has been the total annihilation and/or displacement of the Palestinian people:

“For at least the past six decades, the Israeli government and its predecessors-in-law – the Zionist agencies, forces, and terrorist gangs – have ruthlessly implemented a systematic and comprehensive military, political, and economic campaign with the intent to destroy in substantial part the national, ethnical, racial, and different religious (mix of Muslims and Christians) constituting the Palestinian people….(This US – Israeli) campaign (is designed to destroy them) in violation of Article II(c) of the Genocide Convention.”

peace-american-styleIts Article I “requires all contracting parties….’to prevent and to punish’ genocide. Yet to the contrary,” Israel’s genocidal wars on Palestine have “been financed, armed, equipped, supplied and politically supported by the (Judeo – Christian) United States” – even though America is a contracting party to Nuremberg, Geneva, and the UN Charter that prohibit such practices.

Nor did Washington and the international community demand “humanitarian intervention” to stop Israeli aggression and protect a defenseless people. America funds the Israeli killing machine. It can as easily de-fund it and halt the violence. Boyle calls failure to do it “dishumanitarian intervention (or) humanitarian extermination” by the US and Israel “against the Palestinians and Palestine.”

Through his efforts, on January 13, the Malaysia Star reported a “special (Malaysian) Parliament session” voted for Israel to be brought before a UN-sanctioned international war crimes tribunal “for its atrocities and violence on the Palestinian people.”

It also expressed “disappointment” that the international community and Security Council failed to halt the attacks. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said “resolutions would be presented to the relevant parliaments, the United States Congress and the European Parliament.”

Abdullah called for Malaysians to unite “against the inhumane actions of the Zionist regime. The attacks by Israel have contravened international laws and such actions are deemed war crimes….”

f-15-israelAbdullah said his call for a special UN session to condemn Israel was boosted when the General Assembly agreed to hold one to urge the Security Council to act. It did not because “Israel didn’t want it,” and America supports Israel. It also rejects the legitimately elected Hamas government, and it lets Israel “kill children, the elderly, women, and other innocent ordinary people…”

President Obama’s first diplomatic call was to Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas. He rules by coup d’etat. He has no legitimacy. His presidential term expired on January 9. He claims the right to retain it until 2010 legislative elections are held and does so with Western support. Like this writer and others, Boyle expects “no fundamental change (under Obama) in America’s support for” Israel and its policy of Palestinian extermination and displacement.

On January 22, the new president was firm in introducing Hillary Clinton and George Mitchell at the State Department:

“Let me be clear: America is committed to Israel’s security. And we will always support Israel’s right to defend itself against legitimate threats.” He denounced Hamas and said “No democracy can tolerate (its) acts of terror.” In lying to a national audience, he vilified the victims in support of Israeli aggression against a defenseless population. It’s why James Petras calls him “America’s first Jewish president.” Palestinians and all Muslims have no friend in Washington. They’re on their own. The “war on terror” targets them in George Bush’s third term.

It gets worse. No Israeli policy change is planned. The “peace process” is a dead letter. Gaza’s borders will stay closed, except for some (way inadequate) allowed in humanitarian aid under “an appropriate monitoring regime, with the international (read Israel, Egypt and NATO) and Palestinian Authority participating,” according to Obama. Hamas will stay isolated until it unconditionally surrenders, relinquishes its right to self-defense, hands over authority to Fatah, Israel and/or an international occupying force, and resigns as the legitimate Palestinian government.

Under these conditions, Obama promises “to actively and aggressively seek a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians….” Longtime insider George Mitchell will spearhead it as the new Middle East envoy. He’s a former Senate majority leader and member of the influential Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg Group. He’s no friend of Palestine.

Tel Aviv welcomed the appointment. Its US ambassador, Sallai Meridor, said Israel holds him “in high regard and looks forward to working with him on taking the next steps towards realizing a future of peace and security for Israel and her neighbors.”

Human Rights Groups Accuse Israel of War Crimes

B’Tselem, Amnesty International (AI), and other human rights groups want Israel investigated for war crimes. Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, called for “credible, independent and transparent” investigations” in telling the BBC that Israel “appears to have (committed) war crimes.”

Special Rapporteur Richard Falk said there’s little doubt about the “inhuman character of (Israel’s) large scale military operation against an essentially defenseless population. (This) raises the specter of systematic war crimes. (The evidence is compelling that Israel broke) fundamental rules of international humanitarian law (in attacking) unlawful targets.”

UNRWA‘s Gaza chief, John Ging, cited attacks on five UN schools killing dozens of civilians. AI and Human Rights Watch accused Israel of using white phosphorous shells and attacking civilian neighborhoods.

war-crimesOn January 12, the 47-member UN Human Rights Council voted 33 aye (including Russia, China, India and Brazil), 1 nay (Canada) with 13 abstentions (including Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, S. Korea, Switzerland and Ukraine) to investigate “grave” human rights violations by Israel in Gaza. America isn’t a member of the body.

On January 13, the (Geneva-based) International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) “condemned Israel’s military attacks on Gaza that have been indiscriminate or disproportionate (and called for) an immediate end” to the operation. ICJ also wants a “Commission of Inquiry to conduct a fact-finding investigation on violations of international human rights and humanitarian law by all parties.”

The web site lists high Israeli officials “WANTED for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.” Among the accused – Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni along with 12 others the site includes. Besides the 2006 Lebanon war, Gaza siege, and other offenses, the site wants arrest warrants issued for their involvement in terror attacks on Gaza.

It also mentions that on December 10, 2008, Lebanese lawyers submitted a formal complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague against Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak, former General Matan Vilnai, General Security Services director Avi Dichter, and IDF chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi “on suspicion that they committed war crimes and crimes against humanity by ordering and maintaining” the Gaza siege. Israel isn’t a signatory to the Court so prosecution there isn’t likely.

However, other ways are possible. If courageous judges are willing, it could happen in countries like Spain, Germany, the UK or even America (see below). Law Professor Francis Boyle’s proposal is also laudable, namely for the General Assembly to establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) under the UN Charter’s Article 22. It would be “to investigate and Prosecute suspected Israeli war criminals for offenses against the Palestinian people.”

israels-war-criminalsMichael Ratner, President of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), agrees in stating: “There certainly should be a tribunal” on this matter. “The continued impunity of Israel for crimes it has committed encourages it in perpetrating gross violations of humanitarian law. A tribunal is essential” but impossible through the Security Council given the certainty of a US veto.

CCR “advanc(es) and protect(s) the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” It’s been pursuing a case in US courts against Israeli General Security Services director Avi Dichter. On January 16, the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in the case against him.

CCR charged him “with planning and directing the bombing of a residential apartment building in Gaza City” in July 2002, “knowing it would result in a significant number of civilian deaths and injuries.” Senior CCR Attorney Maria LaHood said: “Avi Dichter’s decision to bomb our clients and their families as they lay sleeping at home was a war crime.” The international community can’t tolerate these “indiscriminate attacks.”

In May 2007, a lower court dismissed the charges ruling that Dichter acted in the course of his official duties and has immunity under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. It may be months before the Appeals Court decision. There’s little doubt where it stands, yet these lawsuits (in America and around the world) may have impact enough one day to send Israeli war criminals to prison. Perhaps American ones as well. It’s why CCR, Francis Boyle, and others pursue them.

For its part, Israel expects a wave of war crimes lawsuits and is reacting. Haaretz reported that the cabinet approved legal aid for IDF officers likely to face charges. Olmert announced: “Israel will give full support to everyone who operated for it and on behalf of it. The commanders and soldiers who were sent to Gaza need to know that they are safe from various tribunals.”

Israel claims “unsurpassed high moral values and traditions,” adherence to international law, and efforts made to avoid harming civilians in fighting. Ehud Barak calls the IDF “the most moral army in the world. (It tries) to prevent tragedies from happening” despite clear evidence it’s done willfully, maliciously, and strategically.

On January 22, Ehud Olmert appointed justice minister Daniel Friedman “to head a team that will examine methods to avoid war crimes charges for those involved in IDF operations in Gaza.” At the same time, IDF chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi and an army censor forbade the names and photos of officers involved in “Operation Cast Lead” from being published as well as information on their role in ordering or carrying out attacks.

Gaza War A Failure for Israel – Morally and Strategically

On January 22, Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy said so in all its objectives. It failed:

  • to stop Hamas rockets for self-defense;
  • to prevent Hamas from rearming; and
  • to assert Israel’s deterrence capacity and “restore its capability” as a formidable military foe, given that it attacks civilians and not a powerful adversary.

In Israel’s, writer B. Michael asked “Was the army’s morality proven again? Oy vey. A moral army is not one that kills civilians and then rushes to boast how moral it is.” He also asked “Was our deterrence restored? No….Israel has been pulverizing the Palestinians for dozens of years now, yet….they continue not to be deterred.” This time is no different.

Hamas emerged strengthened, not defeated, and more popular than ever. In contrast, Israel is discredited, vilified, and shamed. For its part, Fatah is weakened and the Abbas – Fayyad PA disgraced for blaming the violence on Hamas, saying little to denounce IDF war crimes, and for cracking down on West Bank anti-war protests and against Hamas supporters.

Reports are that hundreds of them (including journalists, students and Muslim leaders) have been harassed, beaten, arrested, and tortured across the West Bank in service to Israel and Washington. Palestine Information Center journalist, Khalid Amayreh, said he spent nearly two and a half days in a rancid, dark, windowless cell in Hebron’s Preventive Security Force headquarters after a local security chief invited him there for coffee.

Though not abused, he heard screams from another cell and saw 10 men led away with hoods over their heads. Amayreh estimates from 500 – 600 arrests were made. Hamas said Islambodi Badir needed medical treatment from electric shock torture by Palestinian General Intelligence.

As for Israel, world outrage demands international tribunal prosecutions of its political and military leaders. “Israel is a violent and dangerous country,” concludes Levy. It’s “devoid of all restraints and blatantly ignor(es) the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, while not giving a hoot about international law. The investigations are on their way” maybe this time with teeth enough to bite. If not now, eventually. Nations that live by the sword, die by it. Israel and America are no exceptions.

Stephen Lendman is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization. He lives in Chicago and can be reached at

Also visit his blog site at and listen to The Global Research News Hour on Monday through Friday at 10AM US Central time for cutting-edge discussions on world and national topics with distinguished guests. All programs are archived for easy listening.

Stephen Lendman is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Stephen Lendman

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  2. Y.Casden says:

    Your story is clearly one perspective. I think another might be that the Palestinians have back their own Machiavellian government and have brought these travesties on their own people.

    Israel has every right to defend its citizens who still are being brutalized by Hamas Rockets daily. Under Shiron’s administration, Israel turned over Gaza to the Palestinian authority and “ran out” 70,000 Jewish Israelis who bought property in Gaza Legally only to pacify the world press.

    If you want to talk of Apartheid, what about the Billions of USD they pilfered on Yachts, condo’s in St. Tropex instead of building, roads, schools, hospitals and businesses as it was ear marked for.

    The Palestinian people have been used as human shields and targets solely by hamas, as hamas used their homes, businesses and schools, hospitals and mosques to store weapons and munitions. These very weapons and rockets are used to fire at the Israeli civilian population.

    In my mind and I hope in the mind of EVERY Israeli citizen should be why did Olmert fail the Israeli people. The IDF should not have stopped until EVERY rocket and member of hamas was destroyed or until Gaza was a parking lot.

    This is the decision of the Palestinian people for electing known terrorists to office and not policing their own.

    • Julie says:

      Israelis are psychos like Hitler, go out to your original countries leave the land for Paletinians

      • cristian says:

        israel is just fighting for its people i bless israel because is the land of God…..

        • Israel says:

          good at least someone knows their story. Israel is gods people and they deserve peace. if only Palestine and israel could just get along. :/

        • a says:

          ohh common cristian u really believe that! and even if its the land of god do u really think god is happy with wat israel is doing? its not even their land! they careless about the land of god they r just controlling the world! and making money 🙂

      • Irene says:

        How can you be so ignorant and cruel?!? These people have defended themselves for centuries and continue to do so. I wonder how long it would you to retaliate to constant attacks and brutality. The reason why it seems to you that they are they aggressors is because you don’t hear them complain and throw their suffering into everyone’s faces. They rebuild and keep fighting. They live with a daily fear of another attack. The second something happens to the Palestinians…who are used as a shield and are abused by their own government…it’s posted all over the place and over-exaggerated. I can not believe that you can be so ignorant to compare the Israelis to Hitler. Have you ever been there? Have you ever read enough to know how hard they work to support the Arab population in Israel? Do you know about the housing that is offered to the Palestinians…which the Israelis do not owe to them…when they want to use the land to build something new, pretty, clean…to expand? Before you make an uneducated blanket statement like that, do some research.

      • mitch says:

        ur a dumb ass julie, go drown urself with ur suicide bombing siblings

      • מולה says:

        Orginal lands?! Israel is our only land if you not understood it until here!

        • Tara says:

          Israel is the original land of Jews, the biblical as well as the historical homeland of the Jew, and the ONLY land of Jews.

          To understand christian support of Israel and Zionism and the differences between displacement theology and dispensationalist christianity, please read

          “I firmly believe God has blessed America because America has blessed the Jew. If this nation wants her fields to remain white with grain, her scientific achievements to remain notable, and her freedom to remain intact, America must continue to stand with Israel.”

      • isreali says:

        keep dreaming julie-ass-crap

        • a says:

          hello מולה! well im lebanese! and i dont fucking care about any country or lebanon or israel or Palestine or watever! but because i count as an arab though im not but we r obliged cuz we live in an arab region my life sucks! everywhere i go we seem as terrorist! so even if i didnt care im obliged to start caring so i can explain to people that im not and i just wanna live a normal life and i dont even care about religion! and everytime i have some peace in my country israel comes and surprise us with a new bomb! u were saying that its not only one side! whats ur side? u never get any bombs! or i dont know about them! so i would like to know wat u think about that?

      • Vex says:

        The land of the Palestians!?!?!?… The only reason they call Jerusalem theirs is just because they want it due to their native imperialistic nature that still exists today. Also Israel is harming incessant people that may not have nothing to do with the conflict that Jewish soldiers are their in the first place, just like what happened in an Arabic university some time ago. Israel did worn the students in the university (that apparently bombs were hidden in it with the intention of bombing Israel), and after the attack Israel was blamed for killing students that had nothing to do with the conflict. A similar story during WWII when Germany was all ready defeated and Japan was the only pest left America had a decision to make, if they will nuke Hiroshima or not to end the war… American planes flew over the city and dropped notes saying that this place is gonna blow and it was completely their decision ether to run or ignore the warnings and they did making Japan the way it is today … so saying that Israeli are like fucken Hitler is a very bias view.

  3. mehdi says:

    israelian are the killers.
    they are killing women and age men and childish boys.

    • מולה says:

      It is the way you want to get pease? If I said to you that you are a killer, you wouldnt hate me? yes you are! I as an Israelian girl can tell you and many others that it is not always like it seems to be….. you cant see one side! you have to see them bouth. think about it!

    • Vex says:

      You know what you are right we are killers. We are exterminating man woman and most important of all CHILD. We are in such grief and vengeance to get back at some one for all those years of suffering. We just have nothing else to do than cause a mass killing of a cretin ethnic group just like is written in the “Protocol of the Elder of Zion”. Now lets see what is on the list of evil today…. ah yes, we Jews alredy have already captured the economy and the White House in Woshington now what is left is to kill the Arabs moving on to other cultures and religions…! Wahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Your a dumb ass.

  4. Nora Silvestri says:

    Look at israel’s ENTIRE history.
    They have always been tread upon.
    How truely sad it is that you think they are anything like Hitler.
    That is why history repeats itself. Nobody learned anything.
    Except the Israelites. They’ve learned,… and that is why they will not sit down and let people try to annialate them for the 1,000,000th time.
    Unfortunately they will have to go through tough times again and again. There is a reason for this, but we really don’t have time for that discussion right now.
    But the only way someone can SEE truth is with a humble and contrite spirit. Something the world is sadly void of.
    I don’t have an ounce of Hebrew blood, so I’m not siding with them for those reasons, but I know the true facts regarding these issues. My parents saw first hand the horrible truth in Holland during WW 2.
    And for the record, pictures can be used to convey whatever the person posting it wants it to convey! how about posting pictures of everything the Israelites went through. Yes…. those holocast pictures just don’t hit as hard as they used to eh? We are so desensitized aren’t we?

    Burning Hatred is worse than global warming.

    • kasandra says:

      are you serious?

      so just because of what hitler horribly did to them, gives them the right to respond in the same manner as hitler and do it to the palestinians? are you still blinded by holocust? what about the genocide in gaza? what about the blockade? what about the starvation that they go through? and those lost heads to the bodies of young children?

      it seems that hitler had taught them well that they know no other way to approach peace and compromise.

      the attack on Palestine began in 1948 after the Jewish have been humiliated and grossly kicked out of europe as they were infamous. they decide to go back to their ”holly land” and claim by force and expanded heedlessly? how do you expect the palestinians to react? the jewish have taken their land? palestinians have every right of self defense.

      israelis are terrorists that have attacked palestine and killed thousands with no morality and no show of blood in their veins. their development of so much hatred and despise has built and increased gradually from times of hitler until now. they are ugly creatures with cold hearts that have no tolerance for palestinian’s human rights.

      • Iamdam says:

        The Jews stole the “Palestinian” land? Palestine was a British mandate until the UN divided it between the Jews and arabs. The day after the Jewish people declared independence, the surrounding arab nations tried to wipe the Jewish state off of the map. The force came from the aggressors – all the surrounding arab nations – and the Israelis won land in multiple wars that they did not start. How is that a problem for you?

        • Vex says:

          STOLE??????!!!!!!! This land is and was ours from the begging of time and is written in our holly Bible written and given by God! Just like to day if buy a property you get a contract that says that you own it. All I see Israel doing is taking what is rightfully theirs or in modern terminology “taking back what is rightfully ours”. What proof do you have that that land belonged to the Palestinians???

  5. sanjubaba says:

    I love israel bhumi

  6. ennye says:

    meu DEUS!,que tragedia acontece em israel,mas Deus ira jugar aqueles que maltrataram seu povo.

  7. Garry Z. says:

    “all is fair in love and war” live by the rules or die without them. stop using children as shields. jews know about underground strugle, but this is something different. to deal with animals and still stay human, truly IDF is the only force in the world that telephones the house first before strike. your article is a propaganda for idiots.

  8. Susan says:

    You wish that only muslims would vote for palestine. But anyone thats not stupid would vote against occupation. You came to palestine as refugees and became dictators. with thug IDF the jr Nazis. The Zionist scam is Religion. Your fiction of promised land is laughable. Tell me why your religion stole from Egyption religion. Your fiction dosent stand up to facts. ONLY JEWISH VOTE FOR OCCUPATION. Surf the web and see students in US have rally for palestine. Not just muslims. your just racist
    peace will be done when pregn@nt \”israeli\” women get sh0t at and the Palestinian army p0rtrays such b@rbarism on their t-shirts or entire villages get m@ssacred like your Zionist forefathers did to steal the land for Zionists or dime an phosphorus bombs get dropped on \”your\” cities or when land gets confisc@ted from you.
    zionism also steals minds,,look how they got those poor people\’s minds washed,,can you believe how deep zionists got their minds washed ? they tell them what happened in gaza was self-defence in spite of 500 children were killed they still repeat after them yes what happened was self-defence
    Palestinians have every right, under international law, to fight against the occupying power. It used to be their land until they were evicted at gunpoint by Jewish murdering thugs. The Zionist settlers living on stolen property have no right to live in security or peace. Those who say genocidal racist statements like Israel has the right to defend itself should be ashamed. And when people accept the Zionist right to murder and plunder others, they are accepting a criminal ideology
    vote for the innocent babies and toddlers, children and teenagers, men and women, mothers and fathers, uncles and cousins, neighbours and friends, who were all ma.ssacred in Gaza for doing no wrong but being born in a land occupied by heartless and ruthless people. Even the unborn, the dead, and pets did not escape Israel’s brutality. Streets and neighbourhoods have vanished, people were incinerated and entire families and generations were wiped out.
    In the human history for centuries the Jews were known as liars. Even their religion encourages them to lie

  9. amanda says:

    Zionist immigrants plundered Palestine, expelled more than half of its people, slaughtered thousands and imprisoned the rest. But they didn’t stop there. Israel continues the same murderous, ruthless practices of expansion, land confiscation, building of settlements, blockading the Palestinian people, demolishing their homes, depriving them from basic needs, and then imprisoning, bombing and a.ssa.ssinating anyone daring to protest or resist. And any resistance is labelled as terrorism. Hello!
    ha ha ha ha which peace? at one time Palestine was a country but israel took Hitler`s revenge from Palestinians and now its a village.
    They are not People Of GOD … They are People Of Devil
    The same way the Jews Killed Jesus in the past, they are doing the same with the Palestinian kids. VIVA Palestine, Jesus is by your side
    israel shall live in peace if they leave arabs in peace,,you do not expect arabs to be peaceful while israeli exterminating palestinians therefore no peace is going to be achieved unless arabs get their stolen land back,,
    Did the Zionists have the legal or moral right to invade Arab Palestine, uproot its Arab citizens from their homes and seize all Arab property for themselves just based on the \”religious\” claim that their forefathers lived there thousands of years ago?Only a thousand years ago the Moors lived in Spain.Would this give the Moors of today the legal and moral right to invade the Iberian Peninsula,drive out its Spanish citizens, and then set up a new Moroccan nation,where Spain used to be,as

  10. mariam says:

    western countries now make themselves as a sincere patron for jews,,have they forgotten the miserable treatment towards jews during few centuries ago,,Islam has had protected jews from them,,read about jewish history with islam you will definitely find it hard to believe,,Islam gave all humans their civilian rights,,nowadays zionism returning that favor back to palestinians
    I would never support murders like Israel. Down with Israel!
    The whole world knows that Jews plundered Palestine. No matter how hard you try to twist, turn and flip facts and history, pigs will never fly!
    Besides Jesus Himself, perhaps it was the prophet Jeremiah (another “anti-Semite” stoned to death by the Jews for his refusal to see things “their way“) who said it best- “On your clothes men find the lifeblood of the innocent poor, and yet you dare to say ‘I am innocent!’… Among these people are wicked men who lie in wait like men who snare birds…Their house is full of deceit and their evil deeds have no limit… No one speaks the truth… They have no shame at all and do not know how to blush…”
    You can scream and lie how Jewish have the right to Palestine. But Facts or better than fiction. You can keep using fiction to prove you have claim to palestine. But you cant use fiction in a court of law. you cant reason with fiction or fake God? Will your God take the stand in Court? Stop using Propagand and fiction to excuse your occupation. Peace cant happen while you use Religion and fiction as excuse for occupation. The truth is the only way to peace. Stop protecting a living lie! Fiction
    2009 saw yet another disgusting attack on human rights and humanity. Israel wants to become a super power – go ahead, in this life you can kil and humiliate – but in the after life you are the ones who will humilliated – i only pray that your pain n the afterlife is not for eternity and god will eventually forgive the pain you have caused to the people of Palestine and the humane world! Allah akbar!
    Israel evacuated 10,000 Israelis from Gaza and “KILLED & INJURED” 6000 Palestinian in Gaza. Think about it
    Waht we saw in Ghaza and what we saw before few years in Palestine its clear that Isreal is the world enemy, and it will never make peace with any country in the world, and many thanks for Hetler cause he burned half of them and frankly speaking Isreal deserve more than what Hetler did
    It saddens me that thousands of Palestinians were ma*ssacred by Israel in Gaza last year and it saddens me that thousands more are now maimed, orphaned, bereaved and destitute. Jews who defend Israel’s brutality and pretend to be the victims here should be ashamed of themselves. Where is the human in you?
    Let the world see how evil zionist and Jews really are. They Steal land they have no right two. They use Religion and claims of Divie rights to Arab Land. Is that legal? To use Religion as excuse to steal and kill? What kinda Wicked Religion is this? Sounds Satanic! Anywho The occupation of palestine is not legal. And UN needs to fix the mess it made. Kicking palestinians off their land to please wicked Zionist is here for the world to see. Look in see evil in Israel! Murder of babies

  11. vonk says:

    isrel negara yg tdk tw malu, negara yg brdiri di atas negara lain,
    isrel negara terkutuk N negara semua pnduduk’y sang pencuri….
    setelah dtanx’y hri kiamat, umat yahudi kan di masukan ke dalam neraka tigkat terdalam,

  12. vonk says:

    isrel negara terkutuk yg tdk tw mlu,
    fack israel……..
    I Love Gaza…
    By: Vonk form Indonesia

  13. Leila says:

    Is the Israeli Military any worse than the American Military? What about any other country? I don’t understand why people are only focusing on the Arabs when it comes to who’s suffering in this war. What about all the innocent Israeli people who have been killed? They deserve to have their story told, too! Truthfully, though, there can never be peace in the world until people stop blaming and choosing sides.

    • kasandra says:

      israelis did not suffer as much as did the palestinians. death favors 87 percent palestinians compared to 13 percent israelis.

      you would be a well spoken ignorant to say that israelis suffer.

      they have powerful back ups from USA of course and europe.

      they have been humiliated, violated, terrorized against and shielded out of every human right!

      • Vex says:

        There was no stories to tell because there was no one to tell them, unless you can wake a dead person speak that is in million of pieces right now. OMG!!!

  14. Let each us as parents give an good example for our childrend and the youths. Let us manage all of resources together in order the nature not angry to us. Please calm down all us if we feel unhappy…take a pray to our God whatever your religion…. Let us try to respect with the different among the human being. and discuss with the fresh brain….Although we are different to skin color, different country, different religion but we are the same blood. Arent we?

    • Israel says:


    • Irene says:

      Absolutely. Well said. I’m tired of all of the fighting. Everyone has suffered in their own way. Everyone deserves freedom, peace, happiness, safety, etc… But most of all…ignorance…way too much of it in this world.

  15. Israel says:

    I wish everyone would just get a long. wouldn’t that be great?

  16. mohamed says:

    al sadat had learned israel al leason in war and he treated them like they treated us (arab-all the humans ) and made them spected the arab -and human but the new presedent cant do what he did with thim and we wait for a one man can do like he did or have a head like hs head we need to thats make israeal spect human

  17. Ron says:

    I was in Israel and Palestinians are the ones who kill people! Advertisers lies attack Israel! And that happens all the time!
    People stop believing this bullshit!

  18. Joey says:

    Who is Hamas? watch this video and you see who is the real hamas

  19. Sniper1561 says:

    Israel is gods place and they are doing what they should be doing. The U.S. should do the same thing to Iraq and anyone else who gets in our way. We haven’t won a war since WWII. We haven’t won because the government is a bunch of pussies. We should bring back napalm and all the other weapons and just let anyone who gets in our way have it. That is what Israel is doing.

  20. Amir says:

    Most of the Israelis want the war to stop, but the goverment is dumb. All the politician in israel, care about theirself and because of them everybody think that all israelis are killers. believe me I live in israel. I wish the useless fighting will stop, but if the Hamas is shooting bombs on us we dont really have choice.

  21. M says:

    the declaretion of phalestin is less then a 100 years old idea. that was made up the poor phalestinian workers in the pre-declared israel land.
    and what happen with the idea?
    the phalestinians started doing MASSACARE against the jewish house holds, and they made TERROR against THEIR OWN PEOPLE, forcing the working phalestinians- not to work in the jew’s farms, which made them even more poor.

    as a result for their massacare and terror ways, the fundations of the israel defense forces were created!!

    and due to their terror against THEIR OWN PEOPLE, the fundations for hammas were created.

    now. the british offered the phalestinians- about 80% land size of israel size today. you know what the phalestinians did? THEY REFUSED!
    and then what? out of one of their terrorizm, they killed the british lord that was intrust of the land. at that moment, the british empire taken every offer they ever gave to the phalestinians, and began haunting for the Shech who started this whole JEWISH VS MUSLEMS.
    and what did the shech did?
    he ran away, and on his journey, he went to germany.
    and there is a famious photo, of your precious shech, shaking hand with hitler. <—who's the nazi now???

    after then, 6 milions jews were killed, and israel was declared.

    40 years befor the declaretion, and 60 years after, the jewish people kept on taking care of this land.
    erasing the swamps, beating the desert, building schools, making a 60 year old country into one of the most prosperitized countrys in the world.
    and what did the phalestinians did?
    they made underground tunnles to pass ammounitions, they strength their terror over their people, teaching their kids that blowing up in bus's is their ONLY way to heaven,
    and the very few phalestinians, who actualy strive for a better life, like phalestinians doctors and alike, are been stripped down from their cloths, chained to each other, and being walk down the streets of gaza, by hammas soldiers- who are 16-25 years old, because they-somehow- betrayed the muslem ways.

    now, my personal opinion is that- i want peace. even after all the blood that was shed (rivers of blood, not just phalestinian blood, but jewish blood as well).
    i want the phalestinians, who hold rifles and aim it at the israely soldiers, to put their weapon down. and throw the suicidle bombs to the sea.

    and then what?
    the israely army wont need to seround gazza.
    food and electricity will be more then available to the phalestinians. the kids will be able to study in the univercity's, instade of blowing themselfs up.
    and so on, and so forth

  22. sabzevar says:


  23. AllaboutJesus says:

    If you think that Israel is God’s people than your don’t understand the bible. God used Israel to show the world who He really is and that salvation belongs to all, meaning that EVERYONE who turns to Christ is a child of God. If you believe in Jesus, you are God’s people. Period.

  24. AllaboutJesus says:

    To pick a side either way and say “Down with Israel” or “Down with Palestine” you are both wrong. We are all evil people, everyone wants power and control.

  25. josh says:

    Why are the only picture that you show of what went on in gaza? You show the way arabs look at it. Mabey Israel had a good reason?

    • kasandra says:

      or maybe you need to research more into the truth.

      just because it is not perceived in “american” or israeli perspective doesn’t mean that there would be a good reason to kill, destroy, imprison and block thousands and thousands of people.

      no human being should have the right to give up their land just because after hitler kicked the destested jewish out of europe and decided then to go back to claim their ”holy land” to find a place to live even if it meant torturing millions of palestinian civilian, only to claim their land.

      there is no palestinian for the war, also there are many jewish who recognize the gaza genocide and are completely agains it

      america recieves more benefits from israel than it does from palestine or the arab countries for that matter. so whatever decision israel makes, america will coincide with them regardless.

  26. isabelle says:

    Je peux te rassurer ke tu konnai rien a Israel au lieu de dire ke des conneries et de la merde!es ce pesse d’ANTISEMITE!
    Pffff ta vraimen rien a foutre!!
    Ma povre!

    • Reda says:

      À voir ton style d’écriture j’imagine, ma pauvre Isabelle, que tu dois être quelqu’un de très cultivé. Toi qui semble si bien connaitre israel, explique moi l’interet qu’il ont à faire une attaque aérienne sur une flotte Turc qui venais en aide aux palestiniens. Rappelons que les bateau ne contenais que des jouets, des fauteuils électriques, des médicament…Bref Allah (subhanou wa ta3ala) fera régner la justice ne soyez pas inquiet. Multiplions les dou3as mes freres et soeurs à travers le monde. Allah est le plus grand et le seul justicier.

  27. Frank says:

    Isreal ist schlimmer als hitler. von deutschland wollen sie immer noch geld wegen der gutmachung
    selber berauben und morden sie. ich habe nichts gegen juden oder christen, aber was da so abgeht im namen gottes ist ein verrat an den glauben.

  28. the truth! says:

    Terrist u use manipulation and HAMAS uses kids as human shield and all know it !

    one of 1000 pics and videos about it

    • kort says:

      when iran sends a satellite into space it’s called fake but i am 100 percent sure that israel(which owns holywood) can’t fake any of these photos.

      you fool

      you still don’t know that if you hear that black is white enough times you would start to believe it.
      you think to yourself how can i be wrong? everyone knows that…

  29. kort says:

    Jewish Israeli professor – Arnon Sofer – made this quote to the Jerusalem Post regarding the Jewish-Zionist-Israeli people:

    “If we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day. If we don’t kill we will cease to exist.” -Israeli Prof. Arnon Sofer of Haifa University, Jerusalem Post

    as long as there is an ”israel” there will be blood shed. didn’t they burn 1500 people with phosphore bombs? were they soldiers? WHAT DID THE WORLD DO ABOUT IT?
    i’m not denying the holocaust but i’m sure it wasn’t 6 million people. the same thing has happened to many people throughout the history. and even if it hadn’t happened israel would still exist. holocaust is just a bonus propaganda.

    and please note that jews and zionists are different.

    • Iddo says:

      You take one delusional professor’s quote and use it as a propaganda to “prove” all Israelis want is to kill Palestinians.

      What you’re missing is the fact that these kind of comments are made from school teachers and basically every Palestinian leader each and every day, lecturing how it’s OK to kill Israelis, and how it will get them 72 virgins in heaven in exchange.

      When their children grow with this hate there is truly no chance for peace.

      I’m not saying all of Israel’s action are the right ones, but you can’t avoid reality, and that reality states that Muslims have 47 states ( to choose from, while Jews, by sheer will power have secured themselves a little state to call their own after most of it’s people got exterminated during the holocaust.

      And to all who compare Israelis to Hitler and it’s kind, you are all morons!
      Israel does not want to expand it’s lands, it proved this by surrendering the Sinai peninsula in exchange for peace with Egypt, followed by the surrendering of land for Palestinian rule (while evicting more than 70k people from their homes to achieve that) in the Oslo agreement, only to be confronted with suicide bombers and later on with Mortar attacks on civilian cities.

      All Israelis want is a place to call their own, without the threat of violence and war.

      You’ll be surprised at the measures Israel will take to get there, and contrary to your belief (and many other easily deceived individuals), these measures does not include genocide.

  30. Fence-Sitter says:

    Look, you are not very bright. You try to tell us that this is news, but you fail by giving a opinionated commentary on the idiocy of Israelis. I will echo the words of kort:
    You fool.
    Give us something that will build our understanding of the dying world, not destroy it further.

  31. Broud to be British says:

    Its strange how can jews and their lovers still telling that
    hamas use human shields even after Goldstone report
    which Accuses israel for killing innocents ,but the most
    strange thing that they said: united nations schools were
    stores for hamas weapons!!!!!!!!!! your logic is paralysed
    and your lies smell shit . obviously that israel made
    massive crimes in gaza. all the comment that israel lovers
    commented were really shame ,you guys are thinking like
    blind idiot donkey, you treat us like we didnt have TVs ,we
    all saw all what you did and we will remember that.

  32. AMARTYA SINHA says:

    There is nothing wrong in whatever Israel done in Gaza. What about hundreds of Jews, Hindus and Christians by Islamic terrorists? We all have too join hands to fight this cancer called terrorism. If the islamists do not stop here, they are inviting 3rd world war. And if the 3rd world war happens, it will wipe out hardline muslims from the face of the world. It will be conservative muslims versus the rest of the world(i.e the civilised nations like US, RUSSIA, ISRAEL, INDIA, FRANCE, UK, TURKEY, GERMANY, etc.). As an Indian I have personally winessed Islamic terror in Mumbai on 26th November,2008, during which more than 200 innocent men,women and children were massacred. Now I understand, why Israel behaves like this. Israel’s stand is fully justified. Everybody has the right to self defence. Why can’t we live in harmony? Why are the conservative muslims so violent and wild? Why don’t they live and let other’s live????????

  33. Mike says:

    Pretty damn true. Israelians forgot the holocaust, and now they repeat it to Palestinians.

  34. Daniel. says:

    I have no wish for war to continue between Israel and Arabs. But i know peace will never be possible. God himself said there could never be peace. When you question which side is in the right, ask yourself, Which religion is more peaceful?

    On one side we have Judaism. The messiah will come. Peace will rein. Israel was told by God, everywhere they’re feet touched in Canaan, would belong to them. All they had to do was go claim it. The people of Canaan where idol worshipers. Worshipers of many gods including Molech. A god who who’s worship required the burning of children. Israel was told to leave none alive, take no spoil from the cities, and not to follow false gods.

    The other side is Islam. Worshipers of Allah. A god who demands that the Israeli’s be annihilated, along with any people not worshiping Allah. Arabs fight vigorously for Allah, going so far as to say heaven can only be reached by killing Jews. In they’re battles they go so far as to strap on explosives and detonate.

    I would like it noted that Gaza was being used as a platform from which to sling rockets into Israel. When civilians are killed by the IDF its because the greatest cowards in the world(Hamas) use them as shields. Whereas Suicide bombers purposely walk into the most populated place they can find before blowing up.

    Tell me the Israeli’s are Nazi’s, and you’ve proven it is you who are brainwashed, you who are ignorant, you who are the Nazi.

    Genesis 12:3. Look it up.

  35. Sameer Khan says:

    Isreal to me is a shit, just like US, India, France, UK, Germany and other countries who cover their asses by assasinating the innocent men, women and childred all over the world. How can they say that they are protecting the world by saving the humanity when they are involved in killing hundreds of innocent people. Remember one thing, those who say that they are believers of peace, are actually the destructors of peace and one day will come, when they will be forced to face to music and it is not far.. Love Islam and Love Muslims all over the world.. Muslims .. common … reunite……….. Insha Allah

    • Iddo says:

      Israel never targets civilians, however, when mortars are fired from civilian territories towards civilian cities do you really think Israel should be quiet about it?

      The 7 million Israelis currently occupying Israel are not going anywhere, face it!

      Now we can either solve this problem peacefully, or fight for all eternity.

      I prefer the first option.

      (Also see my comment here:

    • Amit says:

      U Son of a bitch……….. Bastard u know what the fuck r u talking about……? Terrorism Child….. u fucker Muslim……. no meaning of u r religious………. in world. Came from a part of Christian…… U Suicide bomber.

    • Amit says:

      U Son of a bitch Khan……….. Bastard u know what the fuck r u talking about……? Terrorism Child….. u fucker Muslim……. no meaning of u r religious………. in world. Came from a part of Christian…… U Suicide bomber.

  36. Daniel. says:

    Sameer, did you just say that any one who wants peace is a blasphemous liar? You sound Egyptian, maybe Afghan. tell me, what do your great Martyrs do when they explode?
    Destroy peace? No your right, Obviously, Terrorism promotes peace…

    Tell another thing, if Allah is so mighty, so incredible, why are there still Hebrews? Why, did the romans not wipe them out 2,000 years ago? Why did Hitler fail? Why did they manage to establish they’re own nation, In The Heart Of YOUR land?
    Dont answer, i already know, its because the Hebrews are the chosen people of The God. The one who led them out of Egypt, the one who who threw down the walls of Jericho, The one who tore the veil in the temple, the one who died on the cross and rose again three days later.
    This God, The God. He loves everyone. You, and even me. He is coming again, to judge everyone according to they’re works in this body, but works will mean nothing unless you have accepted Jesus as your lord, God and Savior.
    Have you?

  37. מולה says:

    Hello, I am 15 years old and I live in Israel.
    I just wonted to say to all of you that it’s not so easy for us with all the hating. The most of the world are hating us, the Jewish people. And we have been hated all our history!
    Israel have always been the biggest dream for us, even at the bible time. We have got over so many to get this country. And now we don’t want to lose Israel. We continue to fight like our fathers did, and we know that without Israel we will be hopeless.

    So meanwhile we can only say: “Israel’s people are living”.

    Am Israel Hai.

  38. Daniel. says:

    אמנם העולם שונא אותך. אלוהים עדיין אוהב את ישראל. הבטחתו לאברהם כבר מילא. ישראל היא באמת מדינה גדולה.

    הוא יברך אותך עדיין.

  39. Jackie says:

    This is the grossest website ever, whoever made it.
    Israel stand strong!!
    This website has all the stories wrong!
    to figure out the real news, please visit
    Whoever wrote this, is terrible.
    Israel stand strong!
    It always wil!
    Never give up Israel!
    Dont let these discussing people ruin you!!
    Israel wants peace with everyone!
    Am yisroel Chai!
    Israel stand strong with all its Jews~

  40. CHAYA says:


  41. מולה says:

    Holocaust day.
    Israel in moumer!

  42. מולה says:

    At the Holocaust 6,000,000 Jewishes were killed!!!
    and you know whay? Just because they are Jewish…

    • Patwary says:

      Dear מולה,

      I would like share my grief to those souls those who are killed just because they are Jew. Killing innocent people are always disrespectful. You have all right to go for legal trial for the war crime, but you don’t have right to kill innocent people who are not guilty for the offence of killing innocent Jew. I hope we all understand that we all want peaceful world for all.

      Thank you מולה.

      • Daniel says:

        Patwary. Yes, Civilians are dieing. But Israel does not target them. When a civilian is killed by gunfire or grenades or an air strike, its because the Arab militants, hide behind the civilians. Do you know why?
        Because they know Israel does not target civilians.
        Is it wrong to kill an inocent? yes. But they are not deliberatly killing them. When Hamas chucked rockets and they’re snipers began firing into Israel, did the world react and say “No, you cant do that. Inocents are dieing.”? No, but as soon as Israel defended itself, the world cried bloody murder.
        By the way, i’m sorry, but you need to give up your dreams of world peace. I will never happen. Through out all 6-7 thousand years the world has existed, there has never, ever been peace. And unfortunatly, there never will be. Humans fight, and allways will.

  43. BOB says:

    go f-ck someplace else, KORT and PROUD TO BE BRITISH

  44. mozhgan says:

    hi.i do love to visit israel.but i know that it never happen.i love visit YAD SHEM and memorial of holocaust.

  45. paul says:

    Israel Forevers

  46. T says:

    Well i guess we know who is a God da*n terrorist. What about the Israeli people who are constntly attack by you sand Fu@#ers. y dont you sit down for a second and think about the fact that Israel is the country that is TRYING TO GIVE YOU A COUNTRY!!! Egypt, lebanon, syria, and jordan were never willing to give you that but i guess their sand Fu_ers like you too so you cant get pissed off? am i right or am i right? And dont ever compare israel to HItler. you basterds dont even believe that happened acording to the “great” iran country. and besides 6 million inocent people were killed by that man, not a few hundred people who were openly shooting at Israeli civilians you basterd

  47. T says:

    שאלוהים יעזור לעם ישראל הקדוש. לתת החסד שלך עליהם. לעזור להם להכות את השדים כי ההתקפה האנשים הקדושים שלך ולתת להם את שלווה ושמחה שמגיע להם אחרי כל כך הרבה זמן מותקף על ידי שדים המבקשים לערער את כל מה שעשית. השבח לאל, והוא מכה את הדמונים

  48. TONY says:

    I pray to my lord jesus crist that who ever wrote this will suffer an eternal hell and damnation. he will rise up and take all cristians, jews, non terrorist mulsims, and all others into heaven and leave u demons to blow each other up until theres nothing left to kill. i pray every day that the lord will kill you in your sleep, but im sure he has something even better for you in mind…

  49. w says:

    Allah can suck my dick you fu*ING sand fuc*ers

  50. tommy says:

    hey couldnt we all just get alone withoug one religion attacking the other and without one group of people lobing rockets at the other? everyone says they want peace but no body is doing anything about it?

    • Daniel says:

      Firstly, thats a new world ideal, and its stupid. Death is never going to be a good thing, but it’s never going to stop. There are to proofs. 1# God said there will be no peace till he comes back a second time. 2# Has there ever been a time in history when there was not a war somewhere? No, if it was not a Large continental invasion by France of England, it was a small tribal war that some one else will try and manipulate. There has never been peace. The third human ever to exist clubbed his brother to death.
      On another note, freedom, and peace has never come from people deciding to wear flowers and pretend to love eachother. Have you ever seen how violent those “Peace” rally’s could get?
      War, i dont believe has ever brought around peace. Someone on one side stays angry and decides to try again. So fighting will never bring peace. However, deciding not to fight will only lead to death. When a bully like the Nazi’s comes along, the only options are to fight, or refuse and be destroyed.
      When Israel starts fighting back, its another day they survive. God bless Israel, and if they’re are Hebrews reading this, i am an American, my government does not stand for me. Dont give up a single sniper post to the U.N.

  51. Rose says:

    I’m from america and i’m in the army and what i’m seeing right now in those pictures is wrong if i can change anything i think i would change what the american army is doing in israel. i think we should be helping instead of letting everysingle country try and tear apart israel.

  52. usa boy says:

    hi the israeil is very bad\
    مرگ بر اسرائیل
    Smrt Izraeli
    Death to Israel
    Kamatayan sa Israel
    Mort à Israël
    Смерть Ізраїлю!
    Smertʹ Izraïlyu!
    Смерть Израилю!
    Muerte a Israel
    Morte a Israele


    • Daniel says:

      You must be so proud of yourself. You know how to use GOOGLE TRANSLATE!! And yet, you said the same stupid thing, 11 times. If your going to be a moron, use some imagination while your at it.

      ללמוד את ההיסטוריה שלך.

    • Vex says:

      why are here ????? don’t you have better things to do??? why wont you reserch 11 diffrent ways how to fuck your mom…

  53. dan says:

    Israel for ever עם ישראל חי

  54. ran says:

    you don’t know nothing about Israel every day we are sitiing in safe rooms because of the missiles of Hamas, kindergarten and schools are under a daily attack!!
    come to live in israel just for own month and than you will see for what we are figthing of!! we want that in the future our children won’t afraid to go to school and to go and play outside.

  55. Estelle says:

    Did you know that Israel is the world’s fifth largest nuclear power? It’s also the only country that has developed biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. The US supports Israel unconditionally, so basically whatever Israel wants, it gets. Both the Palestinians and Israelis have committed acts of atrocities against each other in retribution. However, some of the actions by the Palestinians are brought on by desperation, such as the suicidal bombings. It’s when they have nothing left to lose. Sometimes, it’s not possible for peaceful protest, when one lacks even the basic human rights. The Palestinians are the oppressed in this situation. They don’t have a voice. Everytime one Israeli is killed, the Israel military immediately sends in its well-trained army and randomly kill hundreds of innocent Palestinians in an act of retribution. The Israeli government has been making conditions for the Palestinians extremely harsh, in the attempt to force them off their own land and in fact, completely out of Israel.
    The Israelites are not evil. They were once the oppressed (remember the Holocaust?), but “I have one great fear in my heart, that one day when they are turned to loving, they will find that we are turned to hating.”
    Just turned to hating, maybe. :/

    • Daniel says:

      You where sounding ok for a bit there. Until you said suicide bombings where an act of desperation. You know why they dont have peaceful protests? They cant. The Koran and all that never said, “Protest your enemy’s the Jews, talk with them, find peace.” No Islam clearly states, “Allah wants Jews dead, Kill them all.” Its not desperation, its they’re way. They “Protest” by blowing people up. They dont have a voice, because they wont use it.
      Btw, The Hebrews Are Gods(The real God, not allah, buddha, zeus, or the Catholic god, nor the Calvinist god, But the Christan\Hebrew God) Chosen people, they’ve been hated by most everyone all they’re existence. So, The rest of the world will not have to turn to hating. Already there. And if you’ve just turned to hating after reading this articles slander, A. Your not at all bright, B. You’ve just turned against God, and will be punished to the full extent of the covenant God made to Israel. He said he would curse all who cursed Israel, So, have a good eternity…Tell me where you wind up…

  56. מולה says:

    הגזמת קצת לא?
    זו דעתו ורק שתדע שבכל הסיפור הזה אין צודקים או טועים!
    תאמין לי שאני אומרת את זה עם כמה שאני תומכת ביהודים.
    אלוהים לא מעניש סתם ככה אנשים. הוא אוהב את כולם, הדת?!זה כברר לא משנה ובני האדם צריכים ללמוד לחיות בשלום אחד עם השני
    אם אתה ואני וכל אחד יפסיק עם ההקצנות האלה תאמין לי ששלום, יהיה

    • Daniel says:

      I would assume you have slight support of the Jews seeing as you just typed your comment in they’re language.
      I agree, God truly loves everyone, But, he also made humans with free will, we can do what we want, but there will allays be consequences. I was not saying God was going to kill Estelle on the spot. But The Covenant was clear, curse those who curse Israel and bless them who bless Israel. Because God does love everyone, he would not let any perish, and he gave all a way to avoid hell. Jesus, and Jesus is the only way. Because God made man with free will, We all have to choose Jesus in order to Avoid hell. So, in the sense that be you Muslim, Catholic, Calvinist, Buddhist, Atheist or any other, you can still only get to heaven through accepting Christ as the Savior, religion does not really matter. However, Christianity,(Not Catholicism, they’re not Christian) Is the only religion i know that teaches the truth. Hence in fact, Religion does matter.
      Hope that clears things up because what i said before must have been really confusing…..

      • Jesus Saves says:

        Daniel, you couldn’t be any more correct. I agree completely with your statement. God did say in the Bible about the cursing and blessing of those who choose to curse and bless Israel. One thing that might settle the entire conflict is something that will never happen in our lifetime. God said that ever since Ishmael (not sure on spelling), that God’s people and the arab nations will be in an ongoing conflict until the day Jesus returns. It is sad how we have people in this world thinking that they can just storm in with military forces and take the land that was given to the Jewish people by God himself. I assure you those who are going against Israel are awakening the wrath of God.

  57. Trex says:

    Israel is a country based on theft of other people’s land.
    Ontop of steeling their land, they have also used brutal force to stop them from fighting to regain it, so what do you expect.

    Since 1948, Palestinians are the ones that had their homes taken from them, their popluation murdered, their people spread all over the world, and their economy destroyed.

    All that happened as a results of the creation of Israel. Lets not start talking about rockets from hamas, and suicide bombers, without putting everything in context.

    By far more innocent (woman and children) palestinians have lost their lives from Israeli soldiers than.

    As an occupying power it is your obligation to protect the people you occupy, and to fight resisitence (which is expected), thats based in international law.

    When the US occupied Iraq, they had that same obligation, and they had to deliver. Israel can not blame a resisitence movement for their assault on civlians even if the launched rockets.

    Stop the twisted logic, and the blame game. Many Israels and Jews do not support what Israel is doing (there own people will tell you its inhuman).

    • Daniel says:

      Wow, i almost choked just thinking about all the propaganda being force fed to me. Do you honestly believe what you’ve just said? Wow.

      Ok, lets see. Do you believe in the one God? No i would assume not. See, if you did, you might know, it was not theft. Israel was promised that land by the one God. Now, who is currently in possession of that land? Israel? See, God kept his promise. Now, as to the “oppression” of Palestine. In the thirties, Palestine was a total wasteland, no one wanted it and when the Hebrews asked for it, no one cared. When the Hebrews then irrigated, farmed and rebuilt, the Palestinian wanted back in on it. They where given worthless land, but when it became worth something, the Arabs decided that was still they’re land.
      So, Israel is not based on stolen land, and in 1948, it was the Palestinians who started the war! Ever heard of Haj Amin? The Mufti?
      And yes, please, lets focus on the evil Nazi like Jews who obviously massacred the Gaza people without Any provocation…Oh i’m sorry, was that sarcasm?
      Btw, what does “By far more innocent (woman and children) palestinians have lost their lives from Israeli soldiers than.” mean? More palestinians have lost they’re lives than….than what? Was that suppose to mean something or did your train of thought derail?
      Israel is not occupying anyone’s land but they’re own. And your the one here with twisted logic, and twisted truth. Yes, there are Israelis who dont support they’re people. Know what they’re called? Peace activists. And peace activists never got anything done. Proven through out history.
      Israel has enemies because they got sick of being jammed into cattle cars and incinerated. They took a stand and didn’t back down. God has, and always will bless Israel.

  58. Nik says:

    I lived most of my life in Israel and i saw everything from a close perspective,and to all braniacs sitting out there thinking they can shit about Israel are wrong,cuz they didn’t do anything they didn’t have to , both of the sides sometimes do mistakes but saying death to Israel or comparing it hitler?! you must be sick and really childish saying that,what Israel does its not genocide its never been genocide and it will never be genocide cuz it has never been in no ones interests, the conflict took victims from both sides and as soon we stop being so childish we can work it out. ישראל בנשמה

  59. Raj says:

    ISRAEL is the rule model for other nations in this world to tackle Terrorism

  60. Raj says:

    Dear ISRAEL,

    we are with you to fight against Terrorism

    with love,

  61. Ali says:

    i dont know why they think that poor children are terrorist and if they kill poor woman children old men or any human ho are innocent they become powerful they are making there enemy at the end …….. o my god i dont know what ll happen but one thing this is not right. Hazrat Moses give message of peace not this. i love hazrat Moses and hazrat Muhammad they give us message of god and love peace. I just say love with every one it doesn’t meter whether one is Muslim or Jews.

  62. Ali says:

    i dont know why they think that poor children are terrorist and if they kill poor woman children old men or any human ho are innocent they become powerful they are making there enemy at the end …….. o my god i dont know what ll happen but one thing this is not right. Hazrat Moses give message of peace not this. i love hazrat Moses and hazrat Muhammad they give us message of god and love peace. I just say love with every one it doesn’t matter whether one is Muslim or Jews.

  63. joe smith says:

    it sounds as if you dont know what nazism is, and you have not taken the time to learn about the other side of the argument. many of the atrocities you have taken the liberty to show could have easily been avoided had yasser arafat not walked away from Israel’s offer of East Jerusalem and countless other Palestinian demands in the Oslo Accords.
    peace will be achieved when the palestinians care more about raising their own kids than blowing up the children of israel…
    all you need is love ❤

  64. karl says:

    This is about survival. Tracing Israel’s history will definitely gives one the idea why it becomes aggressive when being threatened. This is justified as an act of self-defense. In principle, this is also permissible. One Israeli minister called this a DETERRENCE, which I agree.

    Leave Israel in peace and you get peace. Violence has a high price. I think that the Arabs should think about this seriously. It was Malcolm X, who was a Muslim, who said that “you cannot treat people nicely if people are not nice to you”.

  65. israel for ever says:

    isrel is dont kil for Nothing they kil for Protection

    • reda says:

      ”isrel is dont kil for Nothing they kil for Protection”. Are u guys serious ? Open your eyes :










  66. Ali says:

    i dont know why they think that poor children are terrorist and if they kill poor woman children old men or any human ho are innocent they become powerful they are making there enemy at the end …….. o my god i dont know what ll happen but one thing this is not right. Hazrat Moses give message of peace not this. i love hazrat Moses and hazrat Muhammad they give us message of god and love peace. I just say love with every one it doesn’t matter whether one is Muslim or Jews.Plz aware one live with peace. ALI [PAKISTAN]

  67. lol israel says:

    israel loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  68. ydnic says:

    Babies of all nations are alike until adults teach them

  69. matan says:

    3 of thphotos who shows dead kids are lies, the kids was murdered by hamas in january 2009 when hamas used some of the kids as human shields in a combat against the israeli sildiers and those kids were shot by the hamas’s terrorists when they tried to escape.

    the palestinians tries to make bluffs against israel and to show it to the world.
    to proof it go to youtube and sarch “pallywood”

  70. lol israel says:

    israel is the bigest terorist that kill poor men wemen and babies israel dont khow what is human just know what is gun and how can kill people

    it s not just this pictures just 1 minutes think that you live in your country and a group of people com and buy houses from your country and then make an army in your beatiful contry then force you and all people of your contry to sell yours house and and then kill your people and say go out and say this religion is mine and you cant come here and behave you like dog and say we just kill people for protect us

    no body can deny that israel is terorist why they didnt go to america or urope and kill there the people??????????

  71. USMANshani says:


    • Daniel says:

      It’s pretty hard to bury your head so far in the sand that you don’t accept the Holocaust.
      If you don’t want to accept it, fine don’t. I’ll accept that you’ve had no schooling what so ever and that your more than likely an Arab immigrant to America and don’t give a care about OUR religion. I’ll accept that your parents probably told you the Hebrews horribly, terrible people thriving off of other peoples misery. You obviously swallowed whatever they told you.
      Accept this. Your wrong, and throwing out an F-bomb in capital letters is only going to show off your uneducated idiocy. Accept that no matter what you do, what you say or who you are, one day, you’ll die, and Israel will still be standing.

  72. Gayle says:

    If I had a neighbor who continually threw Bombs over his fence into my yard, do you think I would give him part of my yard? If he killed my dog and my kids would I give him more of my yard? If he killed my wife would I give him more of my yard? NO!!! The first bomb would likely have cost his life if the police had not protected my property by removing him and preventing more threats and agression. The world seems to feel Israel should appologise for living and give the Moslem animals their land. The land which by the way was given to Abraham and his decendants by the only true God, Jehovah in the old testament who was the same Jesus in the new testament. When the enemies of Israel have decayed Israel will still stand.

  73. محمد says:

    لعنت الله علي قوم الظالمين

    • Daniel says:

      very informative comment. Since you posted in Arabic, Allah could mean, God, or it could mean Allah. So now no, one who reads arabic knows in whoms favor you just posted…Aside from the fact that it was Arabic…

  74. bibi says:

    so much bullshit, you poor sole…

  75. ציוני says:


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