Irish county to get water-powered streetlights

Posted: February 12, 2009 in environment, science & technology
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Streetlights are something that need to be kept powered up irrespective of the fact that is anyone crossing the street or not. Just because of this irregular use, streetlights waste more energy than what is needed when they are being actually used. Donegal County Council in Ireland has come up with an ingenious solution to green these lights. The county is planning to use none other than water power to provide renewable energy for these streetlights.

Initially just one light will be brought to operation, which would be followed up by more lights if the operation is successful. The system is based on a water turbine, which would harness water flowing downstream through these turbines. The system is estimated to generate over 110 watts of clean electricity, which will run a 30-watt LED light. The system costs €3000 each.

The cost of the system is much more than what one would pay for other renewable energies like solar or wind power. However, being more dependable, water power will surely attract more attention.

[Source: Eco Friend]


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  1. andreym24 says:

    As an electrical engineer I must say this sistem is quite impressive.
    LED lights (although expensive) are the future.

  2. […] Irish county to get water-powered streetlights ( […]

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