Please help the animals affected by Australia’s worst bushfire

Posted: February 14, 2009 in environment
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Volunteers, including those from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, are in a race against time to help the animal victims of Australia’s devastating bushfires. Fortunately many people have chipped in to help the human victims of the tragedy (yesterday I heard a figure of AUD 100 million dollars in donations), but let’s not forget Australia’s wildlife and the affected domestic animals. Please help the animal victims of the Australian wildfires.

Hundreds of people and countless animals have already perished in the worst bushfire disaster Australia has ever faced.

Kangaroos have been found dead on the roads…cows burned where they lay…one turtle’s shell melted and fused to its body…a baby wallaby’s ears and nose were burned to a crisp when he stuck his head outside his mother’s pouch. 

IFAW’s Emergency Relief Team is already on the ground helping local wildlife caretakers with search and rescue operations, providing medical treatment to burned and abandoned animals that are emerging from the fire zone – koalas, possums, kangaroos, dogs, even horses and birds – as well as food and vet supplies. Please give what you can to help us rescue and care for the animal survivors.

Your donation will do so much to help IFAW continue its crucial Emergency Relief operation to care for these helpless creatures:

But recovery for many animals will be a long process, and we desperately need to raise funds to help over the long term with medical supplies, animal cages, blankets and towels.

  • Continuing vital search and rescue operations for wild animals and lost or abandoned pets.
  • Providing lifesaving treatment and critical vet supplies to animals saved and brought to local care centers.
  • Providing essential food and water – the scorched landscape has left very little natural food for animals.
  • Providing emergency funding to local groups that are also rescuing and caring for animals.

Relief workers cannot do it all – they must help stricken and injured people. It’s up to us to help the animals.

Any amount you can spare will help the victims of Australia’s fires and victims of other natural disasters and incidents of cruelty and suffering around the world.

The victims of Australia’s fires simply can’t wait. Please make a donation right now.

Thank you, from the burned animals who need you in this tragic time,


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