All you (WE) need is love

Posted: February 18, 2009 in reflections
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I just posted a short clip on and a link to the Global MindShift community, a network of individuals who identify with a holistic and sustainable approach to solving the planet’s and therefore also our problems – from social to ecological to economic issues.

Global MindShift sends out a regular newsletter to those supporting its mission, and for me the latest one is worth mentioning because it addresses what I believe is the fundamental core of all change work: LOVE. It’s good to now and then be reminded of these insights …

All is one.
We are all part of one interdependent and interconnected whole; and what we do to others, we do to ourselves.

Love is the action.
In a world where all is one, love is the only rational response. Our challenge now is to discover how to love in every situation.

Becoming “present, authentic, inclusive and responsible” is an educational process for discovering how to love.
How we define and understand these words, however, is always evolving, enriched by each individual’s knowledge and experience.

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