Peter Garrett – the biggest sell-out in Australian politics

Posted: February 22, 2009 in environment, society
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Peter Garrett, former environmental campaigner and ex-lead singer of Midnight Oil turned morally failed Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, embracer of power and ditcher of passion, traitor to his own course and biggest hypocrite in Australian politics, has made many enemies. It probably doesn’t matter to him given his new friends in the corridors of economic and political power.

After his latest failure to stand up against the AFP raid of the anti-whaling vessel Sea Sheppard, I googled on Garrett and found this Facebook group dedicated to his sell-out. Join it to express at least some reservation if not disgust against the man.

The next two video clips are from the good days of the Chaser’s War on Everything: the Chaser team’s Andrew Hanson parodies Peter Garrett and Midnight Oil, followed by by the comedy troupe’s compilation on Garrett. Finally, the last clip reminds us of how far Garrett has moved from his former self: it’s Midnight Oil’s performance of  “The Power & The Passion”. “It’s better to die on your feet than on your knees … Nothing they say they do … Just enough to make you wanna cry … Sometimes you have to take the hardest line” he sang – it’s hard to believe that this was the same guy.

  1. Excellent post. Judging from twitter reaction to his performance last night, there is great conflict between his loyal musical fans and those who feel like you do. I have not lived in Australia long enough to be fully engaged, but I can see your point.

  2. overmatik says:

    His music is immaculate. The man that betrays his beliefs now has nothing to do with the artist.

    I’m a huge Oil fan, and we must use the music to fight for waht we think is right.

    Politicians are all the same.

  3. Peter Garrett is a Tossed says:

    Why has no one else commented on this bizarre traitor, he brought up a generation via his strong songs. It’s like Che Guevara working for Wal Mart…

  4. mark says:

    What else did anyone expect? musicians are not to be taken seriously. Garrett and Midnight Oil are great and thought provoking, but again, they weren’t changing the world. He went to law school became a lawyer and made his move into politics. Politicians are a dishonest bunch. the honest and decent ones get put down. Garrett wants to earn a living and not be a pauper for the rest of his life. that’s how it goes. He probably never believed much of what he sang about, but it sure sounded good and provocative.

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