If MySpace were a country …

Posted: March 1, 2009 in society
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There’s no space quite like MySpace

Leesha McKenny, The Sun Herald
March 1, 2009

myspacesurveyIF MYSPACE were a country, its language would be English, its food would be fast and its marijuana legal.

These are the findings of the social networking site’s first census, based on a survey of 2000 of the 2.4 million Australians who have signed up in its first five years.

MySpace has 125 million users worldwide. If it were a nation, it would be the world’s 11th largest – only 2 million people behind Japan and streets ahead of Australia’s 22.6 million.

This virtual nation would have elected Barack Obama as its head of state, with 25 per cent of the vote (beating Robin Hood with 10 per cent) – even though only half those polled thought voting should be compulsory.

The survey also painted a picture of what daily life in MySpace might be like.

Citizens would relax at the end of their gruelling six-hour-day, four-day weeks at one of the country’s many 24-hour bars – perhaps while watching the national sport (soccer) or indulging in the national dish (takeaway).

The biggest national holiday would be Christmas (86 per cent), even though most considered MySpace a secular state (12 per cent of the population identify as Jedi).

But don’t be quick to dismiss the results as pure fantasy.

MySpace.com Australia’s vice-president, Rebekah Horne, said the site had changed the way people around the world socialised and consumed content and culture.

“Having a MySpace account is as common as the number of Australian households that own a dog,” she said.

Janey Bulleid, 27, said MySpace was a chance to present yourself a little differently to how you would in the real world, including by redesigning or “pimping” your page, loading it with photos and music and otherwise shamelessly “putting your best foot forward”.

But Ms Bulleid admitted she would probably be a citizen of Facebook – her mum lives there.

“I think Facebook would be a bit more level-headed than MySpace as a country,” she said. “I’d love to go to MySpace on my [holidays].”


  • Have bars that stayed open 24 hours
  • Have Christianity as a major religion (voted by 34 per cent), with 21 per cent atheist and 12 per cent Jedi
  • Have an “eye for an eye” system of justice (voted by 53 per cent)
  • Have a standard working day that starts at 11am and finished at 5pm (voted by 49 per cent)
  • Have 29 per cent of its citizens voting green, 29 per cent Labor/Democrat, 10 per cent Liberal/Republican and 3 per cent Communist
  • Have no laws against Marijuana use (voted by 53 per cent)
  • Have a population in which 13 per cent of people identified as bisexual
  • Use solar powers as the major energy source (voted by 44 per cent)

Based on a MySpace survey of 2000 Australian users

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