Ghost Patrol – street art

Posted: March 5, 2009 in creativity



Ghost Patrol, one of Melbourne’s great street artists. He’s self taught, learning from friends and books. Hope people who discover his art will smile; thinks it would be nice to awaken them from their normal life and transport them to a more beautiful place. While liking travelling overseas and meeting & learning from other artists, he loves Melbourne because of its great community of street artists and illustrators and the opportunities the place offers to put on a show, publish something and grow creatively. He’s certainly versatile with his work ranging from street art to murals, illustrations, artworks, sculptures, Polaroids and more. Collaborates often with fabulous paste up artist, illustrator and partner Miso (unfortunately hasn’t got a website).

[Here I’ve just got some of his street art work; I’m planning to focus on some of his other stuff soon]





  1. rors says:

    hey i love your art work.
    you inspire me to do street art.
    keep up the great art.

  2. kayla says:

    wow, miso and ghsotpatrol. recently watched a dvd about them and the work they do absoloutly blew me away!!!
    i would love to go over to melbourne just to check out their art!
    it also made me open my eyes a bit when i was wandering around town in hobart. i noticed some work like theirs ad it did make me smile and i thought about it for the rest if the day.
    wonderful wonderful stuff!

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