Please support a bill to end once and for all the yearly brutal slaughter of baby seals

Posted: March 7, 2009 in environment, society
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Breaking News:  Canadian Senator Proposes Bill to End the Seal Hunt

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A miracle on ice, the birthing grounds of hundreds of thousands of baby seals will turn red with the cruel slaughter of Canada’s commercial seal hunt in just a few short weeks.

Seals as young as three weeks old will be clubbed and beaten. Others will be shot in open water … many will suffocate under the ice or even be skinned alive.

But for the first time in our history, a Canadian politician is proposing a law to end this suffering of baby seals.

Tell Canada you support the Harb Seal Bill to end Canada’s commercial seal hunt.

Each year, IFAW travels to the ice to document the cruelty inherent in this hunt. I’ve seen baby seals dragged onto boats with metal hooks while alive. Seals left alone to die on the ice after they are bludgeoned on the head. And no one could actively prevent this slaughter because Canadian law prevents us from intervening.

Until now. The Harb Seal Bill would end this hunt.

Senator Harb has shown incredible leadership and courage by speaking out on behalf of the majority of Canadians on this issue. But he cannot win this fight on his own.

If we act quickly we might ensure this bill is passed into law.

Senator Harb wants to fill his office from floor to ceiling with messages of support for the Harb Seal Bill. The IFAW’s goal is to collect over 200,000 emails, action cards and letters in the next few weeks (one message for every seal that will be killed in this year’s slaughter) – so please act right now.

Let’s flood the Senator’s and Canadian High Commission inboxes with messages. This is our chance to ensure no more baby seals are skinned alive or shot and left to suffer.

Please also consider a donation at this time to help the IFAW pass this historic legislation.

P.S. IFAW was founded in Canada 40 years ago to stop this slaughter. They won the first rules to reduce the killing in 1971. They secured the U.S. import ban of seal products in 1972 and won an EU ban on the trade in whitecoats in 1983. And now, with our help, this historic bill to end the seal hunt once and for all might get passed into law.


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