Recipe for the original 1915 Black Forest Cake (Gateau) » black-forest-cake-1

Posted: March 8, 2009 | Full size is 400 × 300 pixels

  1. carol says:

    How do you put on the chocolate shaving around the side of the cake i just cannot master it how do you do it?

    • isiria says:

      i know, it’s hard and i certainly haven’t mastered the art 😉 . i’m tilting the cake slightly (as much as i can before it slides off the surface) and then use a spoon to sprinkle the shavings bit by bit from top to bottom. there must be a better way, but i haven’t found it yet.

  2. When I worked in a bakery, we used chocolate cake crumbs on the side. They didn’t melt in your hand, which meant that you could grab a handful and pat them on the side while revolving the cake on a cake stand or even just a cardboard base.

  3. Beetle says:

    Grate the choclate, spoon the chocolate evenly around the base of cake, then with a wide flat knife gently lift-up the chocolate up the side of the cake pressing it slightly into the cream. No tilting just spin the plate round as you go. Simples

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