Another way to download music from and Aupeo

Posted: March 12, 2009 in science & technology
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A while ago I tried Last Sharp, a German downloader for music; here’s another option according to gHacks, one which doesn’t require .Net runtimes. Downloader (via Life Rocks) is a free portable software program for Windows. To download your favorite music from (and also Aupeo), just enter the url and press ‘Start’. No user account or login is required.

You can download music from similar artists by using for example an url like “” or music with the same tag (something like ““).

All downloaded files are named “Artist – Title.mp3” and saved in the “Downloaded Files” subfolder. If you check the ‘Deep folder layout’ option, the files are stored as “\Artist\Album\Artist – Title.mp3”. ID3 tags are automatically generated. Even the cover images can be downloaded.

Settings make it possible to change the download location of the music files, to define a maximum size limit or download file count limit, to start an external application if a limit is reached and whether to download cover art and make use of a deep folder layout while downloading.

Downloads are not always smooth though – which has to be accepted given that website databases like the one are not created for music downloads.

  1. Dunha says:

    It dont work

  2. liadianti says:

    do you know any good music websites ? thank you

  3. Me says:

    Hey, all the main links to this site/file/app are down… except this one that I found…

    Feel free to scan it before running… but it’s the one that works.

    I like that you don’t have to install “LastFM Downloader”.

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