Prince Charles starts eco trip with huge eco footprint

Posted: March 12, 2009 in society


Prince Charles started three days his first full day of a Latin America tour Monday, visiting Chile’s capital and preparing a speech set to highlight his concern over climate change. The prince’s speech on climate change in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday is being presented as one of his keynote presentations. Climate change “is one of the UK government’s highest foreign policy priorities in 2009,” the British embassy in Brazil said in a statement announcing Prince Charles’s visit – meaning the British taxpayer most likely finances the trip.

And besides the perennial question of how much celebrities can really achieve in terms of paradigm shifts, one needs to wonder about their true agendas – in this case for example about the Prince’s  commitment to sustainability. Apart from using the trip for visiting one of his earliest girlfriends, Lucia Santa Cruz (who was the daughter of the Chilean ambassador to London 40 years ago) and staying at her place (with Camilla of course 😉 ), he also hired a private Airbus jet to fly just 14 people for the duration of his visits, leaving a 322-tonne carbon footprint from the voyage. What does that do to the credibility of his mission and the impression people get about the authenticity of the “green prince”?

I don’t think this is a shining example of walking the talk – instead of demonstrating a serious concern about climate change, Charles’ actions smack of self-promotion and wanting to have tax payer funded fun. So, once again: nothing new to report from the life of the royal family.

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