The latest curiosity: green your sleep

Posted: March 12, 2009 in environment, society

eco-bedAllison Boyer from EcoScraps writes that, “according to Furniture Today, the Specialty Sleep Association wants to set guidelines for how manufacturers market “green” mattresses and other natural sleep products.

The SSA said its ultimate goal is to create a certification program based on “existing legitimate standards” and programs as well as sleep industry-specific terms and standards for mattresses and bedding. Among other challenges, the SSA will define terms such as “green,” “natural,” “all-natural” and “organic,” it said.

An upcoming conference in Florida is planned to help define green rules for the sleep industry”.

In one way it’s great that everyone jumps on the bandwagon of green living (and of course this one starts in California); it’s certainly a sign of an urgently needed ec0logical awakening. The blessing and curse of the sources of such initiatives though is that belong to world of business, and we know how popular green washing is in that sector. So let’s hope that some standards will emerge that are actually driven by a deep commitment to sustainability – rather than by profit, lies and a fad mentality.

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